By Duncan Smith

As shutdown Democrats in Congress, in cities, and in the teacher’s unions continue to push back against President Trump’s efforts to reopen America following a massively overhyped and politicized pandemic, it appears as though he is having some success.

Our GDP took a major hit earlier this year when, for the first time ever, states choked off their own economies over a virus outbreak, tanking jobs and businesses when in reality, all they had to do was advise susceptible people to take proper precautions.

Once states did begin reopening, the economy turned around somewhat as people went back to work by the millions.

Millions more, however, remain sidelined, thanks mostly to shutdown Democrats and their perpetual lockdowns.

They’re not winning the war, however, as evidenced by new economic data showing factory orders rising — a great indicator of buying activity.

Breitbart has the details:

New orders for U.S.-made goods moved higher for the second consecutive month in June, suggesting the manufacturing sector is on steadier footing and rebounding after the coronavirus shutdowns.

The Commerce Department said on Tuesday factory orders increased 6.2 percent. Economists had expected a more modest rise of less than 5 percent in June after May's 7.7 percent gain.

Manufactureing appears to still be expanding in July, showing no signs of the renewed weakness seen in the labor market after infections have arisen across the country in the second half of summer. The Institute Supply Management's survey of industry executives showed activity rising to a 15-month high on Monday.

New orders for durable goods, big-ticket items meant to last three years or more, rose 7.6 percent in June, up from the initial report of a 7 percent rise. Orders were up 15 percent in May from the lockdown depressed level reported in April.

Orders for motor vehicles and parts rose 27.8 percent in June, following a 16.3 percent rise in May. Compared with last year, motor vehicle orders are down 10 percent year-to-date. Compared with last June, motor vehicles sold slightly more this year than last.

Factory output is still 10 percent below where it was this time last year, but people in shutdown states are getting fed up with their own leaders and are pushing back.

When Trump wins in November, we expect a full recovery and then some.

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