White House said to be in ‘euphoria’ after Robert Mueller’s CRAP show compliments of the Democrats

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) It’s difficult to imagine what congressional Democrats were thinking when they decided to call former special counsel Robert Mueller before two House committees on Wednesday so he could provide testimony about a report that everyone knows does not provide any clear evidence whatsoever regarding alleged improprieties or illegal behavior on the part of POTUS Donald Trump and his administration.

Because whatever it was they expected, they didn’t get it. Instead of a cogent, coherent defender of justice, Democrats — and the country — were treated to a bumbling, stuttering, often-confused former FBI director and Justice Department legend who didn’t seem to know what was in his own 440-plus-page report in which Trump was cleared of both criminal collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.

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Yes, cleared. Under our legal system, the standard for establishing innocence isn’t, “I exonerate you for your supposed crime” — Democrats tried to make Mueller’s testimony all about that yesterday, that he never ‘exonerated’ POTUS Trump — it’s, “Is there any evidence to support criminal charges?” And obviously, there wasn’t.

Nevertheless, Mueller’s disastrous appearance not only hurt his credibility even more so than it had been harmed already, it destroyed any semblance of credibility the Donkey Party had left with undecided voters heading into the 2020 election.

And no one is more happy about that than POTUS Trump and the White House. As The Western Journal noted:

While many Americans were learning about former special counsel Robert Mueller’s appearances before Congress on Wednesday when they could get a break from work, the staff of the White House was riveted for the proceedings from the beginning.

But by the time the day was half-over, any unease that might have been in the air at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. had turned into “euphoria,” Politico reported. That description of the White House mood came from a “Trump ally,” the report said.

Whatever kind of momentum Democrats had hoped to gain from Mueller’s appearance didn’t seem to be materializing.

The president himself couldn’t help but take a victory lap or two. He tweeted, “I would like to thank the Democrats for holding this morning’s hearing. Now, after 3 hours, Robert Mueller has to subject himself to #ShiftySchiff – an Embarrassment to our Country!”

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham was also on the Trump train. “The last three hours have been an epic embarrassment for the Democrats,” she wrote on Twitter. “Expect more of the same in the second half.”

And that’s what Democrats — and the country — got.

Not only did the White House and the president recognize the disaster, but so, too, did the garbage establishment media, which is actually guilty of criminal collusion for their role in perpetuating this horribly divisive hoax for the past three years.

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Chris Wallace at Fox News pronounced the hearings a “disaster” for the Dems. So, too, did NBC News‘ Chuck Todd. And many others.

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, a very vocal GOP supporter of the president who is not a member of the Judiciary Committee but followed Wednesday’s action closely, was pleased.

“The expectations set by Democrats didn’t come close to delivering … I’m certainly very pleased,” he told Politico. “It’s obviously a good day for the president. It’s hopefully a good day for America.”

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As further noted by Big League Politics:

Although certain left-wing spin doctors are in denial, firm consensus has emerged across the political spectrum that today’s Congressional testimony from former FBI special counsel Robert Mueller has been a disaster.

Many commentators on the Right are theorizing that Mueller, who seemed to be unable to answer questions directly, has not even read the contents of his own report…

Former Obama strategist David Axelrod and anti-Trump Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard University, Lawrence Tribe had to admit the disaster as well:

Then again, you can’t ‘breathe life’ into a hoax.

All in all, you might think the Mueller/Democrat crap show on Wednesday would finally, finally, put this whole ‘Russian collusion/obstruction of justice’ hoax to bed.

But you’d be wrong.

As Shannon Bream with Fox News reported, Democrats are quadrupling down on it, saying their “fight” is not over but…just beginning.



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White House said to be in ‘euphoria’ after Robert Mueller’s CRAP show compliments of the Democrats - Powerhouse News

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