Cowards at the University of Pennsylvania shut down immigration event because the snowflakes didn’t want to hear the truth from former ICE director

(TNS) By any definition of the word, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan is a patriot.

He took the helm of an agency charged with defending our borders and protecting American citizens as well as enforcing laws against illegal immigration that were duly passed by Congress and signed by presidents.

And for that, fucksticks in the Garbage Party like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib have attempted to humiliate and denigrate him after decades of service.

But of course, not all Americans believe that Homan is the second coming of Hitler. They admire his spirit and appreciate the fact that he put his ass on the line every single day for years in service to them and to our country.

Unfortunately, not everyone has his strength and courage, and that would include the straight-up cowards who run the University of Pennsylvania.

Homan was invited to speak on campus about illegal immigration and detention but because a group of student Marxists who have closed minds and don’t much care for hearing the truth have bitched, the Penn administration caved and now Homan’s appearance has been canceled.

Per Fox News:

The University of Pennsylvania shut down an event Wednesday on immigrant detention and deportation after student protesters demonstrated against retired ICE Director Tom Homan’s appearance on the panel.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends: First” with anchors Todd Piro and Carley Shimkus, Homan said that he had received a warning before he even got on the train to Philadelphia that there was a petition from over 500 students and alumni to cancel the event. The petition also called for the university to ban all invitations to current or former ICE or U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officials.

Dozens of people from other universities had also signed the petition, including students from Columbia University, Cornell University, Brown University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

“Under Homan, ICE continued to be a violent organization responsible for terrorizing immigrant communities…inviting Homan as a guest speaker contradicts Penn’s claim of being a sanctuary campus,” the petition read.

Homan told Piro and Shimkus that the petition was ignorant and that “the ones who want to shout down a meaningful discussion — they will remain ignorant.”

So, let’s do some math, first of all. U of Penn has a student population of around 25,500, yet 500 — a small minority of the total — is apparently enough to shit on a man’s First Amendment rights, as well as those who invited him.

500 students joined by “dozens” of other libtard dickheads from other institutions.

Homan is right: These people are ignorant sons of bitches and they will forever remain that way so long as they put their hands over their ears and scream, “Nyah, Nyah, I can’t hear you!” when someone who has been there, done that in protecting our country tries to talk to them.

Way to stick up for free speech, you U of Penn cowards.

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