Democrats’ goal in rejecting POTUS Trump’s immigration compromise is all about turning red states blue

Conservatives struggling to understand why Democrats rejected POTUS Donald Trump’s compromise proposal on immigration last week when it contained several things they have either wanted or have supported for years need to come to grips with the fact that the rejection isn’t about 2020 or the politics of ‘now’ or even “compromise.”

It’s about the long-held Democratic goal of obtaining veto-proof, election-proof majorities in the House, the Senate, and the presidency for the foreseeable future.

On his progam Monday, talk giant Rush Limbaugh hit on this theme as he tried to break down and explain to listeners the details of, and meaning behind, the president’s myriad of compromise offers to Democrats in exchange for $5.7 billion in wall/barrier funding:

Here is the Trump proposal in a nutshell: A three-year extension of protection for DACA recipients. I think… What’s the number, 300,000 or 800,000 of ’em? A three-year extension of protection for immigrants under temporary status. $800 million in additional humanitarian aid for people showing up uninvited at the border. $805 million for new drug detection technology at our ports of entry. $782 million to hire an additional 2,750 border agents, law enforcement officers and staff. $563 million to hire 75 new immigration judge teams to fast track the processing.

That’s what Trump is offering in exchange for $5.7 billion to build the wall. Trump is gonna present this to the Senate since Nancy Pelosi is intractable on this. There are only 53 Republicans in the Senate, which would mean that seven Democrats have to join the Republicans, ’cause you need 60 votes for this. So it is my contention the president doesn’t expect this to pass.

He goes onto theorize that the president offered the compromise as a way to demonstrate to the American people that he’s willing to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, he added, the Democrats’ refusals to even discuss it while lamenting the ongoing government shutdown will ring hollow with a majority of Americans who will see the president favorably and Democrats unfavorably.

Whether or not that’s true, Limbaugh, in continuing his analysis, also noted that he hopes the president doesn’t eventually agree to a full-on amnesty for the 11 million — 23 million people in the country illegally, as President Reagan did in the mid-1980s (which, as we’ve seen, did not resolve the issue of “illegal immigration,” which has only worsened since the Reagan deal).

Limbaugh continued:

I knew when I heard about this proposal that all kinds of people were gonna panic. “Oh, my God, it’s amnesty! All it is, is amnesty,” and I’m gonna tell you something folks. It better not come to that. Amnesty… I’m gonna go out on a limb here.

The amnesty signed by Ronaldus Magnus, Simpson-Mazzoli 1986, was the beginning of the loss of California as a viable state for Republicans. There is no good that comes from amnesty, especially if you start talking about it for whatever the number of illegal aliens in the country is, and that number is basically now 11 million. I think it’s far more than that. If there’s another amnesty… You’ve seen the map. I pointed this out here.

Look at Texas. Look at all the congressional districts in Texas along the Mexico border. They are all light blue to purple. They’re all controlled by the Democrats — every one of those districts in Texas on the southwestern side of the state on the border with Mexico. Folks, if the Republicans lose the electoral votes in Texas, do you know what the odds of ever electing another president are? They are slim to none. “But, Rush! But, Rush, 19% of Hispanics…” I know it’s not axiomatic that every Hispanic’s gonna vote Democrat.

But, folks, the numbers flooding it in here? 

The Democrat ground game, so to speak, is working overtime to not only flip Texas blue, but also other battleground states such as Florida.

As for Texas, the Democrats are getting a big boost from GOP office holders. Gov. Greg Abbott and other state leaders have been wooing — successfully — business interests, especially in the tech industry, away from tax-heavy California to the more tax-and-regulation friendly environment of the Lone Star State. As these industries relocate, they bring their Left-wing employees with them, as Wired noted in an October story.

With Florida and Texas gone — and other battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania purple at best, Democrats who, at present, are talking smack about the Electoral College will come to love it when their party owns all of the big population centers and the states in which they are located.

Immigration is a major component of this strategy. New York Magazine’s Eric Levitz wrote in July:

Democratic voters have never been more liberal on immigration than they are now (nor, for that matter, is the rest of the non-Trumpist portion of the electorate). And the Democrats have rarely been more dependent on the votes of immigrant communities — or the mobilization efforts of immigrant advocacy organizations —than they are today.

Democrats know they can’t force through a constitutional amendment changing the electoral college. So their long-term strategy is to turn just enough of the country reliably blue (like California) they can successfully and permanently capture the Legislative branch via majority votes and the Executive Branch via the electoral vote, leaving a large plurality of voters in the rest of the country politically stranded and powerless.

“It’s not just Texas,” Limbaugh notes, echoing some of the “fatalist” things he hears from listeners on a daily basis. “The Democrats have totally flipped Virginia. It’s gone. The Democrats are one election away from totally flipping North Carolina. If you live in Raleigh-Durham you essentially live in New York City now. If you’re Republican and you live in Raleigh-Durham you may as well live in Manhattan because your political life is no different.”

He sees POTUS Donald Trump as the one person standing in the way of the Democrats’ vision of using immigration, illegal and otherwise, to realize their objective of attaining permanent majorities. And for now, Rush is right.

However, POTUS Trump can’t serve forever.

So Republicans had better get their game faces on and realize that a) we’re coming to this party late, as evidenced by the near-wipeout of once-reliable GOP districts in California in the midterms; and b) that Democrats are relentless in their pursuit of perpetual power, which they will use to crush — figuratively and literallly — any remaining political opposition. And that will lead to perpetual conflict which will eventually get really ugly.  — Jon Dougherty

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Dr. Mark Lane

“And that will lead to perpetual conflict which will eventually get really ugly.”

Personally, I CAN’T WAIT, until the “ugliness” actually BEGINS. It’s been LONG Overdue.


All this IS about, is “Political Power For Democrats” it is NOT about solving ANY Illegal Alien Invasion of America…they want to have POWER, even when they tried to do so using their complicit liberal media outlets to do their bidding, and attack this POTUS 24/7…because the objective is to “RENDER HIM WEAK, INEFFICIENT, EVEN AS THEY CRASH THE MARKETS, THE ECONOMY, ALLOW OPEN BORDERS TO IMPORT DEM-ILLEGAL ALIEN VOTERS THEY SEEK. Anything that POTUS Has Done/Promises TO DO/ they MUST OBJECT TO , BECAUSE THEY WANT HIM TO FAIL, AND THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN-EVEN IF… Read more »

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