National security expert: Mexican cartels, Chinese mafia have formed ‘alliance’ to flood USA with drugs; should be designated ‘terrorists’ (Unreal information and Video)

(TNS) For decades, drug cartels have ruled portions of Mexico with an iron fist, buying off politicians and internal security forces when then can or assassinating them when they can’t.

The cartels have flooded America with drugs, raking in billions of dollars in pure profit, thanks in large part to the fact that no one in Washington gave a shit about doing anything real to seal or, at least better secure, our wide-open southwest border.

Donald Trump ran on doing that very thing and as president, he’s tried time and again to fulfill that campaign promise, only to be blocked by douchebag Democrats and establishment RINOs, in Congress and in the federal courts.

But one national security expert says the problem has grown far beyond just Mexican drug cartels.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Derek Maltz Sr., a 30-year veteran of DEA special operations, said that Chinese mafia gangs have formed an “alliance” with the Mexican cartels to ramp up production and distribution of dangerous drugs that are killing tens of thousands of our citizens every single year.

Maltz, who lost a brother in Afghanistan, says it’s time to stop fucking around with these shitbags and expecting Mexico to do something about them because the Mexican government can’t or won’t: It’s time to declare these pricks members of legitimate terrorist organizations, which would automatically qualify them for some special attention from bad ass U.S. special forces types who make it their business to fuck people like them up.

If only our elected officials in DC were actually concerned about their constituents who are dying by the thousands.


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Narco-terrorists — How about a bounty? Or do our criminal psychopaths (politicians/deep state) make too much money killing off taxpayers with illegal drugs?

Hang ’em all.

S. K.
S. K.

I think the contents of this article is probably true, but the title of it casts some doubt. It says “unreal information and video(in brackets)”. This may confuse the readers. And please don’t need to use this much foul language to make a point.

The Prisoner

Where is Barr again? He runs the DEA.

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