By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) POTUS Donald Trump told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson in a weekend interview following a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping that he believes a trade deal is imminent, news that sent Dow futures towards new record highs on Monday.

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POTUS sat down with Carlson during his trip to the G-20 Summit in Osaka, Japan — a trip that also involved a first-ever visit on North Korean soil by a sitting U.S. president, where he met face-to-face with dictator Kim Jong-un.

Fox News reported:

The Dow futures jumped nearly 300 points heading into Monday morning’s open, and the index was poised to begin the day around 50 points higher than the highest closing on record of 26,828.39, set on Oct. 3, 2018. A deal with China to reduce tariffs and cool off the trade war between the world’s two biggest economies appeared to be the main driver, and President Trump told Carlson he was hopeful about striking a trade agreement with Xi.

“You just recently hours ago met with the Chinese president, Xi Jinping,” Carlson noted. “Are you closer, do you think after that meeting, to a trade deal?”

“I think so,” the president replied. “We had a very good meeting. He wants to make a deal. I want to make a deal. Very big deal, probably, I guess you’d say the largest deal ever made of any kind, not only trade.”

He added: “We got along very well. We understand each other.”

Immediately after the meeting on Saturday, POTUS said that he and Xi had an “excellent” meeting and that trade talks were back on track.

We reported Sunday that part of those talks included China agreeing to purchase more U.S. farm products:

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POTUS Donald Trump on Saturday announced that after talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping he would not, for now, impose new tariffs on an additional $300 billion worth of imports, which would have effectively covered everything Beijing exports to the U.S.

In exchange, POTUS said Xi had agreed that China would purchase more U.S. agricultural products, though he didn’t provide any details about the agreement.

“We had a very good meeting with President Xi of China, excellent, I would say excellent, as good as it was going to be,” the president told reporters following an 80-minute meeting at the G-20 in Osaka, Japan. “We discussed a lot of things and we’re right back on track and we’ll see what happens.

“We’re holding back on tariffs and they’re going to buy farm products,” he said without details. “We’re going to give them a list of things we’d like them to buy…if we make a deal, it will be a very historic event.”

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He added that he wasn’t in any hurry to make a final deal: “I want to get it right.”

Trump also said he would allow U.S. companies to sell components to Huawei, the world’s largest telecom gear manufacturer, so long as those components would not jeopardize U.S. national security.

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