Watch: Two known CNN fakers Jim Sciutto and Andrew McCabe, lie their arses off about how and why ‘Spygate’ began (Video)

(TNS) When CNN hired fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, those of us sitting through an editorial meeting shook our heads and said, “Yeah, that figures.”

After all, it made sense that the fakest of the fucking fake news networks in the history of fake news would hire a known liar who was fired from the agency he temporary led for lying.

In fact, we reported in September that U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie K. Liu has recommended the government move forward with charges against fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying under oath several times to federal investigators.

The irony of all of this — fake news CNN hiring McCabe — grew on Friday when the liar McCabe appeared as guest on the program of a host — Jim Sciutto — who has been regularly busted for serving up one piece of shit fake news story after another.

Their topic: Discussing news on Friday that Attorney General William Barr’s ‘review’ of the origins of the FBI’s “Russia probe” into the 2016 Trump campaign is now a criminal investigation, giving the U.S. attorney in charge, John Durham, the ability to subpoena witnesses and impanel a grand jury.

At one point in the interview, Sciutto asked McCabe, essentially,  “Is it possible, Andy, that there are legitimate questions about how the investigation began? Is it possible, Andy, that laws were broken? Is it possible, Andy, that there are legitimate questions about this?”

To which he responded with one lie after another:

We all knew that the Russians had been attacking our cyber infrastructure since as early as the fall of 2014. We knew that they had focused those attacks on the DNC. We knew that they had stolen the DNC emails. We knew that they weaponized that material during the convention against Hillary Clinton.

And then we found out that before that weaponization was made public, an individual associated with the campaign, George Papadopoulos, who none of us knew anything about prior to that point, told a foreign diplomat before it was public knowledge that the Russians had reached out to the campaign and offered that assistance.

That is incredibly serious to the organization, the FBI, that has as part of its mission constantly investigating the Russians and their efforts to undermine our democracy. So when that information came to our attention, we made the obvious and rational decision to investigate whether or not anyone affiliated with the campaign was working in concert with the Russians.

Watch: (around the 4:19 mark)

None of that shit is true. Not. One. Word.

First of all, the Russians didn’t “steal” the DNC’s emails. What was compromised is a combination of Bitch Hillary’s emails and those of her 2016 campaign manager, John Podesta.

We don’t yet know if Russia actually hacked the DNC’s servers. We don’t have the server, it is Ukraine (go figure). The firm CrowdStrike is the only source for that claim. The FBI never examined it because those criminal pricks at the DNC wouldn’t allow it.

As for Podesta, his emails were compromised because the dumbass fell for a phishing attack. And again, that originated in…Ukraine.

Rush Limbaugh explained the Papadopoulos connection, which was entirely fabricated — and fucking McCabe was likely in on it:

Papadopoulos story is entirely made up. And McCabe knows it. And the fact that they are continuing to tell this story is quite interesting to me. Papadopoulos was a junior foreign policy adviser in the Trump campaign. He had not been there very long. Trump had never even met him.

He had been hired – and this is not to put down Papadopoulos — he had been hired because Trump’s early stage campaign didn’t have any foreign policy people on it. The media, “Well, who is your foreign policy adviser?” So they ran around and they hired a bunch of people to fill positions.

Stefan Halper, who is a major player in this, a major FBI spy, Cambridge, U.K., calls Papadopoulos and offers him some money and a plane ticket to come present a talk on energy to some group in London. Papadopoulos shows up. I’m giving you the CliffsNotes version. Papadopoulos shows up. He’s introduced to two people. He’s introduced to Halper. He’s introduced to a guy named Joseph Mifsud.

Both of them tell Papadopoulos, they ask him, they tell him, “Are you aware the Russians have a bunch of Hillary Clinton emails?” Papadopoulos didn’t know it. Nobody in the Trump campaign knew it. Nobody to this day knows whether the Russians had any Hillary Clinton emails. But they put the thought in Papadopoulos’ head.

Then they schedule a meeting with him and the former Australian ambassador, Alexander Downer, at a bar in London. Before Papadopoulos goes to the bar to meet Downer, Halper reminds him, remember those emails, George, remember Russia’s got a bunch of Hillary Clinton emails. So Papadopoulos tells Downer. Downer, who already knew the plan, then called the FBI, who set up the entire thing. Downer calls the FBI, “Hey, I got a Trump guy here telling me that they know the Russians have a bunch of Hillary emails.”

It was a gigantic setup. Papadopoulos knew nothing until the FBI agents told him. Then they set up a meeting where he would tell the ambassador. This is the CliffsNotes version. And I’m telling you it’s an outright lie that the FBI didn’t know anything about it.

McCabe is very likely going to be in Durham’s crosshairs. Even Rep. John Radcliffe, a former federal prosecutor, thinks so.

Good. Every one of these seditious fuckers need to be wearing prison stripes so as to send the unmistakable signal to every other sum bitch in the deep state who thinks he/she is running shit, not the American people: You don’t.

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The coup spread from the CIA,to the FBI, to the DOJ proper, to both parties, and to the media. The intelligence agencies feed their propaganda to the media to defend what happened. It’s a large and sophisticated operation.

Barr is a disgrace for throwing away solid criminal referrals on McCabe, he is not defending the nation or our laws, he could deal the conspiracy a huge blow and chose not to.

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