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Racist Gov. ‘Infanticide’ Northam is still in charge of Virginia: Where are the media and ‘justice’ Democrats?

By Jon Dougherty

Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam wanted to attend an event at a historically black college this week but a funny thing happened on the way to securing an invite.

He wasn’t. In fact, students at Virginia Union University didn’t want to be any part of Northam’s “reconciliation tour,” so he was ‘encouraged’ to stay away from an event commemorating protests against segregation in Richmond 60 years ago.

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The shunning of Northam by a traditionally Democratic constituency this week puts him squarely back in the news. Or rather, it should have put him back in the news.

Or rather, the story surrounding his shunning by a historically black college should have never left the news. At least, not until Northam, he of “Blackface” “KKK” medical yearbook photo fame, did the right thing by his state and his citizens and resigned.

Pressure by the “Mainstream” media (MSM) and Democrats who claim they are so concerned about “social justice,” “fairness,” and “equality” would likely have led to a Northam resignation by now.

But the MSM has ‘moved on’ from the story. And Democrats — especially, say, Democrats of color who are vying for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination — have also remained eerily silent about the Northam incident following their initial ‘outrage’ over it.

Apparently, however, Virginia blacks haven’t forgotten. And they haven’t forgiven, either.

So why the silence from the lambs of the MSM? Why aren’t Democrats of color who have a national platform right now hammering this overt racist day in and day out like they would if he were a white Republican?

Remember that before America discovered Northam had a thing for mocking and terrorizing black people, he was all-in for killing newborn babies if, you know, the mom and the doc said it was ‘okay’ to do so.

Yes, Ralph “Infanticide” Northam laid bare one of the evilest aspects of today’s far-Left Democrat Party: That it has become the party of killing babies at any stage of development, including after they are born if grown people ‘decide’ that those babies don’t deserve to live.

Kind of like Hitler and the Nazis used to decide who was and was not worthy of life. Or Soviet tyrant Josef Stalin. Or Communism’s greatest advocate Mao Zedong, whose “cultural revolution” killed untold millions of Chinese citizens.

Keeping the spotlight on Northam means keeping the spotlight on his horrific pronouncement last month that he’s on board with making a baby “comfortable” long enough for mom and doc to decide that keeping him or her around isn’t worth doing.

Northam’s horrific comments came after New York Democrats had passed an abortion bill that is one step below infanticide — allowing, “for health reasons,” physicians and non-physicians to kill babies up to full term.

Virginia lawmakers were considering a similar bill with “Infanticide” Northam made his comments. And Democrats it at least one other state, far-Left Massachussetts, which is ruled by Democrats and has been for years.

That’s why the MSM and “justice Democrats” are ‘forgiving’ Northam’s overt racism: They don’t want to remind all of us that he represents the party’s insatiable desire to legalize infanticide.

Well, you know what they say about slience in the face of evil — that is evil itself.

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1 Comment on Racist Gov. ‘Infanticide’ Northam is still in charge of Virginia: Where are the media and ‘justice’ Democrats?

  1. They are waiting for the people to forget. People forget, then they are free to take more of our freedoms away.

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