By Duncan Smith

How do they get away with this BS?

Washington, DC Attorney General Karl Racine appeared on CNN’s “New Day” with the oft-delusional Alisyn Camarota to continue the charade that rioting and violence aren’t the same depending on the cause, skin color, geography, and which political cause it helps the most.

As the chyron indicated that Racine is preparing to become the latest black Democrat AG to use his office to exact a political vendetta against white Republicans, Camarota continued pushing the lie that this month’s riot at the U.S. Capitol Building was “insurrection” as she asked the DC official to respond to DHS’ Ken Cucinelli, who rightfully claimed earlier this week that violence and rioting is violence and rioting — and wrong — regardless of who’s doing it or where it’s being done.

Specifically, Cucinelli, like other rational conservatives, have said BLM rioting in, say, Washington, D.C., off and on since President Trump was elected was just as wrong as what happened Jan. 6.

But this is CNN, a black liberal AG, and BLM, so no, we simply cannot equate the two because racism! OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT….

'I think that people like Ken Cuccinelli, who I heard on another station last week actually tried to criticize the Capitol Hill Police officer who shot and unfortunately killed the woman who broke into the Capitol, Cuccinelli was actually calling for de-escalation,' Racine advised. 'Are you kidding me? When have you ever heard this administration talk about de-escalating violence? This is selective, it's inappropriate, and it's outrageous.'

Uh, the Trump administration has consistently called for an end to violence, all last year, in fact

It’s been Democrats and politicized ‘law enforcement officials’ like Racine who have refused to call out violence when, again, it suits their Marxist political objectives, as BLM and Antifa violence did.

But this hack wasn’t finished.

'In regards to Black Lives Matter and the comparison to an attempt of insurrection at the Capitol, I think it speaks for itself,' he continued. 'When people like General Mattis make clear that what this was, was an attempted insurrection into our democratic ways, we know quite easily that the Black Lives Matter protest was unbelievably different. And by the way, do not let anyone, including Ken Cuccinelli or other elected officials, tell you that Democratic-elected people did not condemn the violence that occurred during the summer protests. They always did. I always did. I've got to tell you, though, trying to overturn an election with violence, including violence on police officers, is something very, very different. And they should be held to account for their lies.'

What a load of [censored].

Democrats like now-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Reps. Ayanna Pressley, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged violence, insurrection, and rioting.


And isn’t it a hoot when Democrats refer to former Trump administration officials to cite as ‘examples’ when they hated them after they chose to serve the president?

In any event, this is the lie that the left is now trying to push, and especially leftists of color: Black BLM rioters good, white Trump rioters bad.

What a positively racist thing for a Democrat to say.

But what should we expect from the party that defended slavery and founded the KKK?

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