(NationalSentinel) Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8, the far Left has become completely unhinged and inconsolable. Liberals-especially minorities-have allowed the discredited hacks in the ‘mainstream media’ convince them that the Trump administration is actually going to do them physical harm in the months and years ahead. This hysterical piece at Medium is typical of just how unhinged the far Left has become. Minorities actually believe that Trump and his Cabinet will somehow target them and kill them, like it’s the 1800’s all over again.

09-02-16-04-44-01_promo_article_160x600-option-2That’s just completely irrational.

Well, not all minorities feel that way, thankfully. Some are even Trump supporters, but those who are and are identified publicly are then viciously maligned and attacked by members of the same political party who claim they are worried about Trump targeting them.

As reported by WorldNetDaily:

A Christian pastor who will be among the faith leaders at Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump as the next president is being flooded with messages of “very strong” hate, but says he’s unfazed by the vicious comments.

“Some are very, very strong in their emotions about me doing this,” Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, who leads Great Faith Ministries International in Detroit, told TMZ. “I’ve been called a sell-out.”

“Any time you’re in the forefront, you’re gonna be a target. But you gotta make sure that your convictions of why you’re doing it are pure,” [Jackson, who is black,] added.


“It’s two minutes, and we’re going to be praying for unity in our nation, praying for our president and also the vice president that God would give them wisdom to lead this country. It’s not over for America. America has a great future ahead of her.”

That this man would be attacked by anyone simply for bringing the word of the Lord to a presidential inauguration is bad enough. That some choose to make this all about race instead is pathetic, but we can thank our first African-American president for that. He and his Cabinet have actually made race relations worse, not better; Trump hasn’t spent a single day in office yet, so he’s got no fingerprints on this at all.

But more than that, to even think that a Trump administration will be a throwback to the 19th and early 20th centuries is beyond the pale in paranoia. Disagree with the man’s policies and politics all you want, but don’t actually believe that he’s a racist and a bigot just  because you disagree with him politically. If he starts rounding up minorities just for the sake of rounding up minorities (which he would never get away with), then you might have a point. This paranoia is based on the lie that Republicans want to return to the Jim Crow days; that is a complete fabrication by the establishment media and about as delusional as it gets. In fact, the party of the KKK and racism is the Democratic Party, truth be told.

Meantime, let it be known that if all you’re concerned about is race, then you’re the problem, not the solution. We cannot be a country of various ethnicities and cultures and dwell on those differences; we can be a country of various ethnicities and cultures as long as we all embrace the fact that we’re Americans first and foremost, regardless of skin color and who is in the White House. This publication disagreed with just about everything President Obama stood for, policy-wise, but Obama’s skin color mattered a helluva lot more to him than it did to us. Bad policy is bad policy; it doesn’t matter who implements it.

There were be plenty for the Left to disagree with when it comes to the Trump administration; fine. They should work to convince more Americans that they’re right and win more elections, then they can be in charge. Until then, they should stop bullying people for expressing their views and acting on their beliefs, while using race as a means of legitimizing an act they know is wrong.

We all have a right to choose. We all have a right to our political views. If you’re someone who disagrees with that, again, you’re the problem.

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