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Fla. Gov. DeSantis says he’ll SIGN new legislation banning ‘sanctuary cities’ in the Sunshine State

By Jon Dougherty

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is sending a message to the far Left and to POTUS Donald Trump in the same breath as he prepares to sign a bill banning the formation of “sanctuary cities” in his state.

To the Left, he is saying that the Sunshine State will not become another haven for illegal aliens to gather and live free of fear they may someday be deported for breaking and entering into the United States.

To POTUS Trump and conservatives, DeSantis is saying that the rule of law matters, and that includes immigration law.

That said, and despite the fact that the GOP controls Florida lawmaking, the bill was anything but a sure bet to be approved because a) no Democrats are going to vote for secure borders and immigration enforcement ever again; and b) far too many Republicans vote with the “cheap labor lobbyist” — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — rather than doing what is best for the country and their constituents.

The Tampa Bay Times reported:

After a week of legislative back-and-forth and the stress of rapidly diminishing time weighing on both chambers, the bill to ban so-called “sanctuary cities” is headed to the governor’s desk.

The controversial bill’s passage comes after months and months of heightened emotional discourse, protests and deals made among stakeholders wishing to appease the Republican base.

Senate Bill 168 passed 22-18 in the Senate and 68-45 in the House.

Under the bill, local law enforcement and other state agencies would be required to honor federal law enforcement’s request for an “immigration detainer,” meaning a request that another law enforcement agency detains a person based on probable cause to believe that the person is a “removable alien” under federal immigration law. The bill would essentially make the “request” a requirement.

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The path to passing a bill was not a straight one, as the state’s two chambers have jockeyed for days over what will be the final product — a feud typically reserved for closed-door negotiations.

When the smoke cleared, however, passage was assured, and DeSantis, a former U.S. congressman, was grateful.

“Earlier this year, I asked the Florida Legislature to present me with a bill this session that upholds the rule of law and addresses sanctuary cities and counties in Florida,” he said. “Local law enforcement agencies can and should work with the federal government to ensure that accountability and justice are one in our state.”

But again, like the paper said, the path to passage wasn’t straight, thanks to…’Republicans’:

Business groups have also come out against the bill, citing the toll it would take on a state that relies on the labor immigrants provide and taxes they pay. American Business Immigration Coalition urged the governor to veto the bill in statement Thursday, co-signed by billionaire Miami healthcare magnate and prominent political booster Mike Fernandez and former Florida Republican Party Chairman Al Cardenas.

There is also this: Because the Left refuses to accept defeat and allow our representative government to work as designed, the crazies are planning to sue.

“This fight isn’t over,” Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Hollywood, said, vowing to continue the fight until “this law is stripped from statute.”

“It’s going to continue in the courts. I promise you that.”

Because we can’t have duly passed laws in a representative republic anymore, as far as the Left is concerned. Only their laws are final and cannot be challenged.

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