By Duncan Smith

Nuclear weapons are probably something we wish we could un-invent, but when you look at their mass deployment from another angle, maybe they’re not so bad after all.

Before they were developed, in a span of fewer than 35 years, the world fought two ruinous global conflicts resulting in the deaths of tens of millions of people.

When two atomic bombs ended World War II, the justification at the time was that up to a million more U.S. casualties would result from an invasion of the home island of Japan. So, in essence, yes, the bombs killed scores, and horrifically scarred many others for life; but they also saved many more lives.

And in the nuclear age that followed, there have been zero global conflicts. Yes, war has been waged, but nothing on the scale of World Wars I and II.

If game-changing, country- (and planet) ending nukes were not around, the chances are real good that we’d be on something like World War IV by now.

So yes, they are awful weapons to contemplate — but America can’t simply get rid of them because doing so would mean our country would essentially become a vassal state for Russia and China, who aren’t going to give theirs up.

And yet, Joe Biden’s bozo handlers want to do just that, because while they live in a world, they don’t live in the real world.

Politico reports:

President Joe Biden is assembling a national security team with an unusually ambitious agenda to negotiate new arms control treaties, scale back the nuclear arsenal, and review decades of military doctrine. …

Taking up posts at the Pentagon, State Department and National Security Council are a cadre of experts who collectively have their sights on a renaissance in nuclear restraint, after President Donald Trump withdrew from three arms control pacts, threatened a nuclear war with North Korea and expanded the role of nuclear weapons in war planning.

Biden has already agreed to extend the last remaining nuclear agreement with Russia, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, and called for further negotiations with Moscow to place new limits on their arsenals, the world’s largest. And the group of arms control experts he is enlisting to carry out his agenda represents the vanguard of a decades-long progressive push to pull back from the nuclear brink and seek the elimination of atomic weapons.

“The stars are aligned,” Joe Cirincione, a veteran nonproliferation advocate who served as a mentor to several of Biden's handler’s picks. “Extending New START for five years is just the opening gambit. This is going to be quite a show.”

Actually, it “is going to be quite a [s**t] show” if these clowns get their way.

But veteran foreign policy folks from the Trump administration, realists every one, think the Biden hippies will be shocked back to the ground when they figure out what our enemies have been doing in preparation for conflict.

“I think a lot of these guys who are going into government are going to finally start getting classified briefings about what China has been up to,” Tim Morrison, who managed arms control on the National Security Council under Trump and is now at the Hudson Institute, told Politico. “I want to be a fly in the room. The color is going to drain out of their faces, they are going to sit back in their chairs, and they are going to say ‘oh s—.'”

“I think [the START extension without preconditions] is a bad signal and suggests that Biden may be a pushover when it comes to this sort of thing because even those who still see value in New START agree there are some things the United States should be pushing for,” former Republican Sen. Jon Kyl, a hawk on national security (and a realist), told the outlet.

“They gave away all of the leverage that they had in order to get additional arms control done,” Trump’ chief arms control negotiator, former Ambassador Marshall Billingslea, said. “It’s not at all clear to me what further interest the Russians have in negotiating anything with the Biden administration.”

Maybe now would be a good time to dig a fallout shelter, like they had in the 1950s and 1960s. Clearly, we have pie-in-the-sky lefties trying to run our foreign policy and national security.

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