(NationalSentinel) Conspiracies: It must be getting harder and harder to find tin foil on Capitol Hill, as Democrats must be buying it up by the pallet to make into those little hats worn by all loony conspiracy theorists.

Even after President Donald J. Trump launched a massive missile strike against Russian client state Syria, in response to the latter’s latest use of poison gas against civilians, idiot Democrats are clinging to the discredited, unproven allegation that our president “colluded” with Russian President Vladimir Putin to “hack the election” and “steal” it from Hillary Clinton.

In an interview Monday evening with Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson, Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., who last month accused Trump’s “minions” of “being paid by the Russian regime,” continued to defend the ridiculous narrative - without proof - that he and other Democrats have pushed since Nov. 9, in a bid to explain to their insane base how it was that the most corrupt presidential contender in U.S. history could have lost to a billionaire reality TV host.

“Tucker, you and I can disagree on the Trump administration’s connections to Russia, but the bottom line is, neither of us really know,” Moulton said - obviously still unaware that no evidence to support any nefarious connection between Russia and Trump exists - because if it did, Americans would have been treated to it wall-to-wall for weeks and months now by the discredited mainstream media.

Moulton, like other Democrats, is continuing to push for the “independent, bipartisan investigation” that many of them still believe will suddenly produce the smoking gun evidence that nefarious ties existed all along and Trump should then be impeached.

Carlson continued to point out that Moulton’s earlier comments about the Trump administration were suggestive of treason - that they cared more about the foreign policy goals of the Kremlin than of the United States.

“One exception does not prove the rule,” Moulton countered, suggesting that the Syria bombing by Trump may have been just a one-off aimed at making it appear as though Trump was opposing Putin. “This could very well be an attempt by the administration to get out from under the claim that it’s been colluding with Russia.

“There are a lot of other things that Trump has done that seem to be playing right into the hands of Putin. We ought to just find out, Tucker,” he said.


Carlson proceeded to tick off several foreign policy objectives backed by Trump that are not in Russia’s interests, while circling back to the Syria attack, which occurred at an airbase where Russian forces and aircraft had been stationed.

Moulton then said that the Trump administration called Russia first to warn them U.S. Tomahawk missiles were coming, which prompted an incredulous Carlson to ask, “Should he not have done that?”

If U.S. missiles had struck Russian forces and aircraft, that would have likely led to World War III.

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