Michael Bloomberg disqualifies himself from being president by claiming gun and voter registration are ‘the same thing’

Maybe before he begins making proclamations about the Constitution he should actually read it first.

(TNS) Though he just recently decided to jump into the 2020 Democratic presidential sweepstakes, many analysts on the Left are already claiming that Michael Bloomberg is headed for the party’s nomination.

Joe Biden is too old and too crazy. Pete Buttigieg hates too many people. Cory who? Fauxcohontas has no chance against President Donald Trump, yada, yada.

But in equally short order. Mr. Ban the Big Gulp has proven that he is not fit to become president of the United States.

For one, he can’t even distinguish what is and is not constitutional.

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So while Nancy Pelosi proclaims that Trump must be impeached because hey, we gotta protect and defend the Constitution, here comes Mike Bloomberg with this ridiculous claim: Registering to vote and registering to buy a gun is the same thing.

“I know critics will say that Americans shouldn’t need a permit to exercise their constitutional rights, but voting is a constitutional right and we require people to register,” Bloomberg claimed.

Wow. What do you think Bloomberg would say if someone asked what he thought about voter ID laws?

First of all, the Constitution is very clear on gun ownership: The right “shall not be infringed.” Requiring people to register in order to exercise that right is a very clear infringement.

Secondly, voter registration is a state requirement; states get to decide the rules for that, or they did before the Garbage Party’s army of lawyers began suing states that adopted voter registration requirements like having to show an ID.

The Constitution Center had this to say about our founding document and voter registration:

One of the gestures toward states’ rights that the Founders made in writing the Constitution was to give the states a primary role in deciding who gets to vote – not only in state and local elections, but also in federal elections.

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But, to protect national interests of the new government they were setting up, the Founders also gave Congress a veto power in this area. It has never been quite clear how the two provisions were supposed to work together, instead of in conflict, and that is at the heart of a new controversy over who controls the right to vote.

So there are cases in federal court regarding this controversy.

But what’s clear is this: There is no national voter registration requirement in the Constitution, yet there is a specific amendment which prohibits Congress from passing any laws that would restrict or otherwise “infringe” on the right to keep and bear arms.

And besides, national firearms registration is the first step to gun confiscation…and we know how Mike Bloomberg likes to ban things.

Democrats accuse Donald Trump of being an authoritarian and a tyrant. Wrong. It’s the other billionaire in the 2020 race that wants to be a tyrant, and his name is Mike Bloomberg.

Maybe before he begins making proclamations about the Constitution he should actually read it first.

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what a frickin idiot.. good thing i never registered then, huh!


This shitbag’s messiah is Lucifer.

The day marxists go for gun confiscation, is the day I go to war on gun-grabbing dirtbags!

This dickhead belongs in GITMO!


This sumbitch needs a time out and a dirt nap,
know what I mean Vern ?

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