By Duncan Smith

In recent weeks The Daily Wire released its first feature film, “Run, Hide, Fight,” a ‘school shooting’ movie about how a high school girl survives and then fights back against three other male students who have taken over and are threatening to wipe everyone out.

After the woke leftists at Disney literally canceled former MMA fighter and fired “The Mandalorian” co-star Gina Carano over a social media post that correctly points out how the left is turning half the country against the other half, The Daily Wire hired her immediately for a new film project.

The Daily Wire, in other words, is doing what conservative, pro-American patriots with financial backing should have been doing long ago: Trying to retake control over our culture and our society before traditional, founding America is replaced by something out of Beijing or Stalingrad, circa 1950.

Because the fools, ingrates, and unhinged left-wing lunatics who currently dominate Hollywood and, thus, our pop culture, are destroying our country, as they proved again following the second impeachment acquittal of former President Donald Trump.

We’ll let these idiots speak for themselves:

And so on.

Mind you, the Democrats’ main objections to Trump was that he objected to the election results like most every one them have done every time a Republican wins the White House

Like the first impeachment, the second impeachment was bogus. Based on lies. Premised on nonsense.

If they any real integrity, Democrats would have impeached Obama every six months for real scandals, real lies, real harm to our country.

Ditto these Hollywood morons. If they any integrity, they’d have been demanding Obama’s impeachment. They would never have supported a clearly China compromised Joe Biden. They would demand that his VP, Kamala Harris, be impeached for actually calling for violence in our streets last summer…as they roiled with violence.

But they don’t have any integrity. They do, however, have control over our pop culture.

That needs to change — one film, one song, one TV series, one program at a time.

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