2020 strategy: Dems using coronavirus to shutter events and tank economy so they can blame economic decline on Trump

Dems will tank markets and destroy local economies in their never-ending quest to 'get' the president

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Sticking to their political axiom of ‘never letting a good crisis go to waste,’ the Democrat strategy to use the coronavirus outbreak as a way to peel support away from President Donald Trump ahead of the November election is becoming clear.

Mind you, this isn’t to say coronavirus is a “hoax.” It’s real enough. But it’s severity is nothing close to what Democrats in Congress and in states and cities around the country are making it out to be.

For instance, as of this writing, there are only slightly more than 1,100 known infections and just 31 deaths, with 15 people having recovered. And while the figure continues to rise — and we expect it to rise, by the way — it is nothing close to this year’s flu epidemic, which has infected more than 45 million, put about 400,000 in the hospital, and killed some 20,000 people.

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To put coronavirus into further context:

— In 2018, 39,404 people died in the U.S. from motor vehicle accidents;

— One person dies in the U.S. every 37 seconds from heart disease-related illnesses, or roughly 647,000 annually (accounting for one-in-four deaths in our country);

— There are 47,173 suicides in America every year.

But let’s go back to the flu/coronavirus comparison because both spread very similarly. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.

That’s a lot of viral illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths from a viral infection.

And we’re not even close to that with coronavirus. Also, at the current rate of infection growth — about 150 per day thus far — there is no way coronavirus is going to infect 40 million Americans.

But let’s say that, somehow, it did: So what? The vast majority of infections are mild-to-moderate — like the regular flu.

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And yet, not a single governor has declared a “state of emergency” over the flu. Not a single one has established a quarantine for flu. No one has called out the National Guard to ‘respond’ to the flu. And not one event has been canceled because of the flu.

Yet, every one of those things has happened in response to ‘coronavirus.’ The question is why?

What makes the most recent version of the very common family of coronavirus so much more serious? Because it isn’t any more deadly or threatening that the influenza virus.

Nothing does, of course, except politics. Democratic politics, to be exact.

Up to this point with the exception of Mike DeWine in Ohio, emergency declarations, quarantines, the calling up of the National Guard and the cancellation of one event after another have all been the actions of Democrat political leaders and Democrat-leaning officials.

Now, almost on cue, the World Health Organization — which hesitated for weeks to call the coronavirus a global pandemic, did so today.

A day after global markets, and especially Wall Street, made major rebounds from earlier ‘coronavirus fear’ drops.

No sooner than the WHO had made its announcement but the markets began to tank again.

Coincidence? Whatever. There are no such things in politics and geopolitics.

Think: The cancellation of one event after another after another, like the tanking of the markets, will collectively have a profoundly negative impact on the U.S. economy — the one that was soaring and roaring thanks to the policies of President Trump and the tax cut passed by Republicans.

The Democrats are well aware they don’t have a prayer of beating Trump in November — not with a bona fide Communist in Bernie Sanders and certainly not with a Joe Biden who is obviously mentally impaired.

But Democrats just might be able to sneak Ol’ Joe into the Oval Office if they can find some way, any way, to stop the economic juggernaut that Trump created.

Because everyone knows that pocketbook issues drive voters to polls. And the worse the economy, the better the chances are for the opposition party.

Take the cancellation of the South by Southwest annual tech shindig in Austin Texas. That event alone brought a staggering $355 million to Austin (and Texas) last year. $355 million

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Now, combine cancellations of events in Democrat-run cities all around the country, and before you know it, tens of billions of dollars in revenue will not be generated, leading to a total loss of GDP and economic activity — the numbers of which will begin showing up right around the time Americans are ready to head to the polls.

And with the Democrats owning the ‘mainstream media,’ the hacks and propagandists on-air and online will be sure to tie “Trump’s pathetic response to the virus” to the “massive loss of revenue our country experienced.”

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Even though the actual impact of the coronavirus on our population will be comparatively low versus common influenza.

There isn’t anything we can do to stop Democrats and Democrat-led cities from canceling events, quarantining people, and declaring phony states of emergency.

But we can make sure that readers are well aware of the scam that’s being run — the ‘good crisis’ that Democrats ‘aren’t letting go to waste.’



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If I were to design a bioweapon, then it would be pnemonic, and have a secondary payload, like AIDS. So, after the primary infection has passed, then the secondary payload would kill the target over time. Possibly by lowering the immune response to other pathogens. Too soon to say, since we are spoonfed lies by the media. Time will tell.

It’s not a red or blue issue. Prepare yourselves no matter what the news tells you.


Another goal could be medical martial law, forced vaccinations, gun confiscation, and FEMA camps.
Then the government can control everything, and force people to enslave themselves to whatever solution the government mandates.
Secondly, it reduces the population. That is another goal the satanic cabal has been harping on.

So, what better way than use a bioweapon and have an endless supply of human sacrifices to compliment their moloch abortion human sacrifices. Harvesting souls, and spreading misery.

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