By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) The editors of the Des Moines Register newspaper just insulted the intelligence of every single one of their readers, even if a sizable portion of them don’t know it or realize it yet.

The editorial board has decided to endorse Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts because — now get this — she’s so honest.

The editors wrote that this year, it was an especially hard call to make not because the paper would ever consider the current president who, thanks to his economy, has probably managed to expand the paper’s subscriber base.

No, it was hard because “the outstanding caliber of Democratic candidates makes it difficult to choose just one.”

In a separate article, one of the newspaper’s editors, Lucas Grundmeier, said the board’s first meeting ended without having reached an agreement. “Subsequent conversations and more thought and reading led to selecting a candidate we could all support,” he wrote.

In the board’s editorial they make clear immediately that any of the 2020 Democratic contenders would make a better president than Donald Trump.

“Each would be more inclusive and thoughtful than the current occupant of the White House. Each would treat truth as something that matters. Each would conduct foreign policy by coalition building rather than by whim and tweet,” they wrote.

The comment about “truth” is, obviously, the most laughable, given Warren’s pathetic record of lying about being an Indian then used the lie to get ahead in academia. She lied about sending all of her kids to public school.

And we know that her chief rival, Joe Biden, can’t be honest, either — especially when it comes to his shenanigans in Ukraine involving himself and his son.

But let’s take the board’s other complaints about the president:

— “Each would be more inclusive and thoughtful than the current occupant of the White House.” So now we’re supposed to vote for presidential candidates who are … “thoughtful?” What does that even mean? You could thousands and thousands of Americans who have actually interacted with President Trump since he took office testify that he’s “thoughtful.” So obviously, this is highly subjective. As for ‘inclusiveness,’ we know what this means when the Left uses the word. But if this president is so non-inclusive, how come his poll numbers with minorities continue to rise?

Trump’s economic policies have also benefitted minorities more than any president before him in modern history. AMAC notes:

This remarkable economic news is not lost on minorities.  The Washington Examiner recently reported that a Zogby Analytics survey found “African American support is at the ‘highest levels of the year,’ driven by a strong economy, historically low black unemployment, and Trump’s agenda to support minority small businesses, historically black colleges and universities, and passage of criminal justice reform.”  Zogby is not alone.

In other polls, Trump is scoring big.  Real Clear Politics notes, “The Hill published a poll in September showing [Trump’s] Hispanic approval at 37 percent,” while “a November Emerson poll found … 38 percent Latino approval.” And that Emerson poll “rocked the political world with a 34 percent approval rating for the president among black voters.”  Success is something, isn’t it?

That Trump is not scoring higher among American minorities is due in large part to Left-wing newspaper editors like those at the Des Moines Register who continually distort his words and his record.

— “Each would conduct foreign policy by coalition building rather than by whim and tweet.” First and foremost, Trump does not believe in “coalitions” unless they are beneficial to the United States, and frankly, that is the right approach. Building coalitions for the sake of building them is pointless. And to this point, Trump has strengthened our alliances overseas. But okay, we’ll bite: What has the president done ‘on his own,’ in terms of foreign policy? What has he done ‘without a coalition?’

Also, Trump tweets because he uses the social media platform as a platform, like it was meant to be used. He keeps us informed via Twitter; he lets Americans know what he is thinking, what’s on his mind, and what he believes. That’s called “transparency.”

He also uses it as a trial balloon to test reaction to certain policy suggestions. Frankly, what Trump is doing via Twitter is no different than what previous administrations have done via the media.

The editorial board of the Des Moines Register is free to endorse whichever candidate they want. But they’d do well to not insult the intelligence of their readers by blowing smoke up our backsides in justifying Warren as their choice.

Then again, newspaper endorsements don’t really mean much these days. If they did, Trump would have never become president in the first place.

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