Remember when the Left-wing ‘mainstream’ media cared about Joe Biden’s #MeToo problem? Yeah, neither do we

Still, Biden won't be able to dodge this forever

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there hasn’t been much else, subject matter-wise, in most Americans’ online newsfeeds these past several weeks.

That’s understandable, given the serious nature of the outbreak and the fact that the response to the virus around the country has been to virtually shut down the country.

But at some point, things will get back to normal. That is unless you live in some totalitarian region of the country like, say, New York, where Andrew Cuomo is already predicting a “new normal” that doesn’t sound very conducive to liberty.

When we do move into our post-COVID lives, most of us will refocus our attention on the 2020 election. And that should be a huge problem for Joe Biden.

Why? Because in addition to being a gaffe machine, Biden is also a scandal factory. And he has a huge #MeToo problem named Tara Reade.

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Mind you, we don’t expect the Garbage Party’s propaganda wing, ‘the mainstream media,’ to focus on it, especially like they did when Brett Kavanaugh was being lied about and smeared by criminal lawyers like Michael Avenatti and fake ‘sexual assault’ victims like Christine Blasey ‘I Don’t Really Remember’ Ford and Judy Munro-Leighton.

The #MeToo moment was born then, remember? “I believe her,” was the common refrain from Democrats and media sycophants. And why? “Because she’s a woman and we believe women all the time, every time when it comes to allegations of sexual assault against evil men.”

But not this time. Not when it’s Joe Biden’s time, apparently.

The coronavirus pandemic has provided Democrats and the mainstream media with a convenient excuse not to cover Tara Reade’s accusations against Biden. But again, that will change when this pandemic subsides later this spring, and it will.

What will be their excuse then?

The Economist finds the mainstream media’s silence, even now, quite “striking.” In a piece published Saturday, the outlet noted:

In March 2019, about a month before Joe Biden began his presidential campaign, a former state representative from Nevada, Lucy Flores, accused him of unwanted kissing, touching and hair-sniffing. Several other women—including Tara Reade, who worked for then-Senator Biden for nine months in 1992 and 1993—subsequently made similar complaints, prompting Mr Biden to release an apologetic video in which he acknowledged that “the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset and I get it.” Recently, however, Ms Reade has levelled [sic] a more serious charge.

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In an interview broadcast on March 25th [Reade] said that Mr. Biden touched her in ways that made her feel “like an inanimate object”. She said that one day a scheduler in Mr. Biden’s office told her to bring the senator his gym bag. When she did, he allegedly held her against a wall and put his hands up her skirt. When she pulled away, she says Mr. Biden said, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” Ms. Reade says that she was later moved to a windowless office and frozen out.

Since then, pretty much…nothing…from the Left-wing outrage mob and the #MeToo spinsters. And Reade can at least name a time and a place. And her characterization of what Biden said — “Come one man” — is also credible.

But silence. Meanwhile, from the “That Was Then, This Is Now” Dept.:

The Economist thinks the silence is ‘striking.’ We think The Economist’s bewilderment at the media’s silence is striking; there is nothing new here under the sun. It’s always ‘run silent, run deep’ with the mainstream media whenever a Democrat is caught in a scandal like this.

But again, Biden won’t be able to dodge this forever. Reade isn’t going away, but coronavirus will.

Let the games begin.


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PedoBiden won’t even be on the ticket. By the way, he was also on the PedoEpstein flight manifests.

They’re all satanic pedobominations! D = DEMON!

In Defense of Dems Conceding to Trump..
In Defense of Dems Conceding to Trump..

..Biden doesn’t merit any criticism at all. He’s just a lump of decaying brain cells, joke of a candidate that Dems would rather not be reminded of.

Way to pick em’ DNC ! 🙂

Joe What Were U Doing to that Mask Earlier ?
Joe What Were U Doing to that Mask Earlier ?

Biden says he’s going to wear a mask over his penis to prevent the spread of his viruses.

If I Were Al Franken..........
If I Were Al Franken..........

I wouldn’t sweat it too much that a fellow Dem Pervert gets away with his preversions and got elected.
Biden has one foot in the grave already… the simple common cold would do him in.


Why not try spell check? “Come one man”?

T Fwimbling
T Fwimbling

Biden’s worst offense, against the whole U.S.: As Obama’s key contact with Ukraine, he approved U.S. complicity in the Ukraine coup d’etat in Feb 2014. Russia considered this a betrayal, and Putin began a strong tilt away from the U.S. and toward China. Biden’s second worst offense, especially toward minorities, was to single handedly advance Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, even though Biden knew that Clarence Thomas was a major criminal (and serial violator of the Canons of Judicial Ethics) who had sabotaged Equal Employment Opportunity as head of the EEOC for 10 years. Other offenses of Biden —… Read more »

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