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MASSIVE asylum fraud: Central American kids being ‘recycled’ as family members to cheat U.S. immigration system, Border Patrol says

By Jon Dougherty

Immigration reformers from the lowest-ranking federal agent all the way up to POTUS Donald Trump know that the biggest change Congress could and should make to blunt the endless migrant caravans and free-for-all along the U.S.-Mexico border is to change asylum laws.

But because Democrats (and too many Chamber of Commerce-supported Republicans) love their open borders and cheap labor and, thus, refuse to implement changes, Mexico-based cartels, Left-wing immigration groups, and foreign governments seeking to export their poverty are exploiting our asylum laws so they can flood our country with third-world poverty.

And they are using children as part of their effort to defraud America.

As CBS Valley Central reveals, Border Patrol officials report that children are being ‘recycled’ among groups of migrants to pose as family members in order to ‘qualify’ for entrance under current asylum law.

“We’ve uncovered child recycling rings where the same child is brought across the border multiple times, with a different adult to try to gain that release family units are required under court orders,” Acting Department of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan said, adding that the practice has become a trend.

According to Customs and Border Protection records, family units are up 374 percent from this same time last year throughout the southwest border.

“This is about the safety of children and that’s our first and foremost responsibility. In the last six months, we’ve identified over 3,000 families that were determined to be fraudulent,” a CBP report said.

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“We continue to see these family units and unaccompanied children turn themselves into agents throughout the Valley,” Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Marcelino Medina told CBS Valley Central.

Maria Michel-Manzo, Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), adds that once migrant groups that appear as families are apprehended they are asked a series of questions to determine if they really are family members or not.

Agents’ reading body language is key.

“After the initial interview, there’s always a secondary interview and there’s red flags that come up during the interviews,” Michel-Manzo told the CBS affiliate. For example, “There’s been a high rate of male head of households traveling with children and historically it was always the females/mothers.”

CBS Valley Central:

If agents determine the child is not traveling with his or her real parents, they are then considered to be an unaccompanied minor and turned over to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).

“They’re the ones that do the leg work to get them back to their country, find them a shelter or maybe with a family member or sponsor in the United States,” said ASAC Michel-Manzo.

“It’s part of the fraud scheme that we’re seeing, because they know that they’ll be released into the United States if they have a child,” she adds.

What a majority of Congress is permitting to happen along our border and to our country is a disgrace. At what point Americans will have had enough remains to be seen, but that day gets closer all the time.

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1 Comment on MASSIVE asylum fraud: Central American kids being ‘recycled’ as family members to cheat U.S. immigration system, Border Patrol says

  1. Stephen Edward Morgan // May 4, 2021 at 12:56 pm // Reply

    Should cut a toe off of each child as they cross the border.. That counts as one crossing. Two toes gone means they crossed twice. In that instance, shoot the adults immediately and cut the child’s foot off and drop him off in Southern Mexico.

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