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Memo to Joe Scarborough: GOP has every moral right to ‘lecture’ Democrats on racism because of history

By Jon Dougherty

Joe Scarborough, former Republican and host of the little-watched “Morning Joe” program on MSNBC, has to say outrageous things about the GOP because a) he’s pressed upon by his network overlords to dish #NeverTrump manna daily if he wants to keep his penny-ante job; and b) it’s the only way he can generate any press.

So on Monday, there he was attempting to provide political cover for his Democratic masters when discussing the latest Donkey Party debacle: A racist photo posted in the medical school yearbook of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam depicting one person in blackface and another in a KKK hood an robe.

In addition to Democrats calling for Northam’s political scalp, Republicans have chimed in as well, not to pile on but because it’s the right thing to do: A blatant racist like Northam has to go, and while we’re at it, he can take his infanticide tendencies with him.

But oh no, Scarborough declared, “Trump Republicans” cannot “lecture” Northam because they are the bigger racists.

In a panel discussion that included Dr. Tom Nichols, a professor at Harvard Extension School, who chided Republicans in a recent Washington Post column over their condemnation of Northam, Scarborough told him, “I must say, there were many times I had to go off Twitter this weekend,” saying that the Republicans’ “hypocrisy” drove him off.

“But now I must say, their hypocrisy on the issue of race after we go from the Muslim ban to the Hispanic doctor, to the Gold Star mother to Charlottesville — through all of the things Donald Trump has done — seriously?” Scarborough said. “These Trump Republicans seriously are going to lecture anybody on being insensitive on the issue of race?”

Nichols replied, “Everybody’s got a right to express an opinion. Not everybody has a right to be taken seriously.”

“I mean, it goes beyond hypocrisy. It’s insulting,” Nichols added. “It says to the listener, ‘You don’t really have any firm memories, you can’t draw connections from one day to the next, so we’re just going to say this and jump on this bandwagon and you’ll totally get it because you’re so dumb you can’t remember a thing.’”

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    While arguing that “nobody’s hands are clean on race” and nobody “gets a corner on vice or virtue,” Nichols also called the GOP’s decrying the racist picture “appalling.”

    “For Republicans in the past two years to put up with the things they’ve put up with and then try to pivot at the last minute and have this newfound racial sensitively was really appalling,” Nichols said.

    Do you see how this works? If Republicans hadn’t said anything about Northam, it’s because they’re racists (‘See? That just proves it!’) If they do say something, they have no right to do so because they’re racists (The hypocrisy charge).

    As for the president:

    — He never implemented a “Muslim ban.” Never. It was a ban against travel to the U.S. from certain countries that harbor terrorists (Nichols, a national security expert, should know this). That they were “Muslim-majority countries” was always a construct of the anti-Trump mainstream media (MSM) and the Democrat Left.

    — The “Hispanic doctor” and “Gold Star mother” were Leftist and media attempts to tie remarks the president made to the race and ethnicity of those he commented about; he never criticized them because of their race, so this is a false premise.

    — As for Charlotteville, everyone in the press and, of course, all Democrats, focused on a “violent white nationalist rally” but ignored the fact that they were met with violence from Left-wing groups including Antifa. Trump was criticized for saying “both sides” were responsible for the violence, in which one person was killed by a vehicle, but it turns out even the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security and FBI believed that ‘both sides’ — Antifa, especially — were responsible, given that DHS and the bureau considered Antifa a budding domestic terrorist group.

    Also, POTUS Trump’s economic policies have been extremely beneficial to American minorities; the unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics are at historic lows (far lower than when Obama was president). In addition, the president just signed criminal justice reform that many Democratic minorities support.

    And historically, the Democrat Party has been the party of overt, in-your-face racism, especially against blacks.

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    Democrats owned slavery. Democrats owned the slave-holding South. Democrats own Jim Crow laws preventing equal protections and rights for blacks in the Old South. Democrats founded the KKK. Democrats continued to join the KKK well into the 20th century. Democrats largely opposed the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s. And just recently, an ‘old school Democrat’ — Joe Biden — was exposed as opposing school desegregation in the 1970s.

    Republicans and conservatives must stop accepting the Left’s premise that we are racists and bigots simply because of our party affiliation. Our history and the history of our political parties don’t bear that out.

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  • 6 Comments on Memo to Joe Scarborough: GOP has every moral right to ‘lecture’ Democrats on racism because of history

    1. Scarborough is an idiot. Trump is “racist” because he purportedly took actions against some Hispanics and some Muslims? Earth to Scarborough: (1) “Hispanic” is not a race: there are Hispanics of all races. Pay a visit to mostly white Uruguay or Argentina, or to mostly mestizo Mexico or to the mostly black Dominican Republic; (2) Muslim is not a race: there are Muslims of all races. Pay a visit to Chechnya or Nigeria. I repeat most emphatically: Scarborough is an idiot!

    2. Terry Gherardi // February 4, 2022 at 7:47 pm // Reply

      Remember, thousands of Republicans and white men were killed by the KKK during the civil war, because of their effort to free the slaves. The first African Americans elected to the U.S. Congress and Senate were Republicans. Martin Luther King was a Republican who President Lyndon Johnson (D) referred to King as that N……….Preacher. Jackie Robinson and many other entertainers & sports heroes were Republicans.
      The women;’s right to vote effort were Republican women. Democrats voted against the Civil Rights Act to include Senators John Kennedy and Albert Gore,SR.

    3. I’m shocked Mika didn’t have “Morning Joe” dragged RIGHT off the set straight to the re-education camps!

    4. william chandler // February 5, 2022 at 8:54 am // Reply

      Remember the Yankee/Jewish Carpetbaggers that flooded South and instigated the freed slaves to violence and corrupt practices in government were Republicans. The KKK was born out of their depredations against White Citizens. Look at your major cities …. Cihicago with it’s Jewish mayor, New York Communist mayor, They simply flip-flopped.

    5. If Republicans would consistently refer to Dems as the party of african american slavery and Japanese internment, that would be a start.

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