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Trump’s promised ICE raids now canceled due to deep state leaks that would have ‘endangered law enforcement officers’ — guilty party identified?

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) On Friday, we reported on a leak to the media regarding President Donald Trump’s recent pledge that Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids were set to begin Sunday, targeting illegal aliens who have been ordered out of the country by immigration judges.

We noted that though the president tweeted about the raids, details were still sketchy since he never revealed anything beyond the fact that they were going to happen — at some point.

But as happens so often with this president, someone from the #NeverTrump bureaucracy leaked those details to the media, which, of course, quickly reported them because as we’ve seen with “Spygate,” the Washington establishment media has become nothing more than an organ of the deep state.

We reported:

Now, some have questioned why the president would publicly announce such raids, and the answer is, perhaps our compassionate commander-in-chief wanted to give those in our country illegally a chance to leave on their own.

Fair enough. But beyond that very public warning, the details of ICE operations would necessarily remain covert so that agents could achieve maximum results for their efforts.

But no. Someone within government leaked to The Washington Post details of the raids which, if the Post leak is correct, will begin on Sunday in major U.S. cities the paper named specifically…

The Post went so far as to publish which cities were going to be targeted, who was going to be targeted, and, importantly, when they were going to be targeted:

President Trump has directed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to conduct a mass roundup of migrant families that have received deportation orders, an operation that is likely to begin with predawn raids in major U.S. cities on Sunday, according to three U.S. officials with knowledge of the plans.

The “family op,” as it is referred to at ICE and the Department of Homeland Security, is slated to target up to 2,000 families facing deportation orders in as many as 10 U.S. cities, including Houston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and other major immigration destinations, said the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the law enforcement operation. …

ICE has been preparing agents and equipment for the operation, which is expected to unfold across several days starting Sunday morning, the officials said. Discussions about the scope of the operation continued Friday at ICE, DHS and the White House, two officials said.

As for whether the leak was punitive against the president, the San Francisco Chronicle provided more evidence. Following the president’s tweet’s ICE wasn’t talking:

ICE officials reportedly told the Washington Post that no operations were planned. 

Now we know that, indeed, the leak was punitive because the administration has now canceled the raids out of fear that ICE agents’ lives would be put at risk of they proceeded.

In an interview with Fox News’ Judge Janine Pirro on Saturday, Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan lamented the fact that details of the operation had been leaked while announcing that the raids would be put on hold for the time being.

“The media got ahold of some operational specifics, and they reported it. It’s just egregious, and it puts the lives of the officers and agents at risk,” Morgan said.

“The men and women at ICE are true American heroes. The president recognized that. He postponed it to protect them,” he continued.

For his part, the president announced on Saturday that the raids would be postponed for two weeks, in part due to requests from Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (which we find difficult to believe).

As for who might have leaked the details, the Washington Examiner reports that five government officials told the outlet they believe acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan is the guilty party because he’s been campaigning against them for weeks.

The Examiner noted:

The sources said only a small number of people in the White House, ICE, and DHS were even aware of the plan’s details, including which cities, the date and time, and who would be targeted.

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Two officials said the acting secretary, who was promoted internally in April, had fought for months during closed-door discussions with White House officials, the former acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello, and the new acting ICE Director Mark Morgan against the plan, which they noted was similar to one the Obama administration carried out in 2015.

What’s more, McAleenan went to the border on a government plane last week and was traveling with the Washington Post reporter who broke the story.

“It really jeopardized the safety of law enforcement officers — that’s the part that’s really detrimental,” one official told the Examiner.

If that’s true, we’ll know soon enough because McAleenan will be out. Either way, Trump Derangement Syndrome is so advanced that now government officials would put federal agents’ lives at risk to oppose the president’s agenda. That’s not going to sit well in several quarters.

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2 Comments on Trump’s promised ICE raids now canceled due to deep state leaks that would have ‘endangered law enforcement officers’ — guilty party identified?

  1. Hahaha,no, nancy got his ass,again. This fuck needs to do what he says he’s going to do and stop bending over to that bitch.

  2. Len Mullen // June 23, 2021 at 11:23 am // Reply

    Time to erect gallows on the White House lawn.

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