YouTube CEO admits to taking down ‘hundreds’ of Trump ads but HEY, just don’t call it ‘political bias’

(TNS) Conservatives have long known that the social media behemoths like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube are run by Left-wing Marxists who hate President Trump and anyone who supports him.

We know that because our news sites have been discriminated against, removed from being able to post, censored, and banned outright — often for little or no reason and certainly for committing less of an infraction than liberal users.

In any event, the Marxist CEOs who run those companies continue to deny their own bias, and the latest to do so was YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

In an interview with “60 Minutes” correspondent Leslie Stahl, she admitted that hundreds of ads for Trump were removed from the social media platform…but not for “bias.”

“President Trump has been advertising a lot on YouTube lately,” said Stahl. “Have you taken down any of President Trump’s ads at all?”

“There are ads of President Trump that were not approved to run on Google or YouTube,” Wojcicki asserted.

Okay…but why? Stahl asked for examples of ads that were removed and why; Wojcicki’s response was that they were available in a ‘transparency report’ but didn’t give any specifics.

Stahl, who obviously had read the report, countered that it did not document the rules leading to why the ads were removed and that Google (which owns YouTube) still got revenue from the ads.

In all, she counted more than 300 ads that had been removed.

Stahl then pressed Wojcicki about accusations from conservatives that the website discriminated against them.

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“Well, first of all there are lots of very successful conservative creators on YouTube,” responded Wojcicki.

Yes, perhaps, but none of them are running for president.

“Our systems, our algorithms, they don’t have any concept of understanding what’s a Democrat, what’s a Republican. They don’t have any concept of political bias built into them in any way,” the CEO added.

“And we do hear this criticism from all sides. We also have people who come from more liberal backgrounds who complain about discrimination,” she continued. “And so I think that no matter who you are, we are trying to enforce our policies in a consistent way for everybody.”

Well, we can’t think of too many Lefties who have been banned or censored from social media platforms — not for long, anyway.

But there are lots of examples of conservatives being censored. And apparently, the president is one of them.

Just don’t call it “bias,” though.

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Funny, when I go to supposed conservative news websites, often you see complaints on them in articles about censorship by the Technofaggots.

These same sites will still keep their FB and Tweeter links back to the companies they complain about. Then they censor people that post comments on their site.

Bunch of Jackoff bastards at BB and TGP.

Leo Smith
Leo Smith

Censor our voices and we take yours away.. By restricting air flow …. Get It?


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