The Left’s war on men got another boost this week when the nation’s top psychiatric group issued new guidelines that include a declaration that “traditional masculinity” in this day and age is “harmful.”

“What is gender in the 2010s? … It’s no longer just this male-female binary … If we can change men, we can change the world,” said University of South Alabama’s Dr. Ryon McDermott, a psychologist involved in drafting the new guidelines for the American Psychological Association — which took 13 years to produce, Lifezette reports.

But if men must be ‘changed,’ then what are they to become?

“They specifically name in their traditional definition of masculinity, competitiveness, stoicism — all qualities that I think a lot of young women like myself and women of all ages really probably find attractive,” Emily Jashinsky, who is the culture editor at The Federalist, told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday.

“I think it’s sad that the APA lent its authority as an institution, lent its credibility as an institution to these guidelines, which are steeped in language, really, of fourth-wave feminism,” she noted further, adding that that the APA’s research seeks to turn masculinity into a new form of pathology.

Host Laura Ingraham said that the Left conflates all men today “with being a pig, or a creep, or a Harvey Weinstein kind of person.”

Jemila Bey, a former women’s professional football player who played defensive line tackle, said that she loves “competition.” However, she added, “Boys will be boys getting away with boorish behavior is something that has to be stopped.”

Still, she notes that terms the APA used to define what was toxic about traditional masculinity were not well-defined.

“What hurts the feminist movement is to turn everything into a political statement,” Ingraham said.

The APA, which has traditionally leaned politically Left, claimed that the new guidelines were based on four decades’ worth of research, leading the organization to determine that “traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful.” Characteristics such as stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression led to the determination.

Meanwhile, National Review’s David French wrote a cogent analysis of the problems within APA’s positions on Sunday.

In a tweet linking to his story, he wrote, “Our world teaches kids to “be yourself,” but that rule often applies to everyone but the ‘traditional’ male. The APA has declared “traditional masculinity” to be harmful. They’re wrong.”

French says grown men properly raised and mentored are “the solution, not the problem” to a lot of society’s issues.

Others disagreed with the APA’s findings:

The problem is, the APA’s guidelines will serve as ‘industry standards’ for the psychological medical community. And eventually, they will trickle down into the psyche of other medical professionals.

And the APA knows this.

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