By Duncan Smith

There are few true cutting-edge news personalities on cable TV but without question, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is one of them.

He’s regularly ahead of the curve on issue after issue, which helps explain why his audience is huge and growing.

In 2018, though, he made some controversial comments about breaking up Big Tech that may not have sat well with conservatives at the time because we’re a notoriously small-government, hands-off-my-business bunch.

But as usual, Carlson note only made a lot of sense, he was right on the money about Big Tech break-ups: Blatant anti-conservative bias.

As we’re seeing again this election cycle.

Redstate notes:

A resurfaced video of Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been circulating around Twitter that shows him on CSPAN discussing big tech. Though the clip comes from two years ago, it has so much bearing now that it ever did as the American right confronts the big tech monopoly that is currently censoring and manipulating the election.

The right holds that government should keep its hands off of the private sector but lately has found the line it's willing to draw, especially after yesterday when Twitter not only censored the New York Post after it released information about Hunter Biden and his dealings with Burisma, but it also suspended White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Trump's main campaign account.

The clip shows Carlson talking to Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union about putting more scrutiny into big tech companies. Carlson blew right past that and upped the ante.

'I wouldn't say scrutinize it, I would say break up the companies immediately and start putting people on trial,' said Carlson.

Schlapp said the tech giants are monopolies and Carlson agreed, noting that Google has a near-monopoly on search engines and all of our data to boot — and nearly no regulation of how to use it.

'They're not even American companies,' said Carlson.

'These are multinationals who are owned…a lot of them are owned by sovereign wealth funds of nations that hate us. So these are foreign entities in our midst, literally, they're not American in any recognizable sense and yet they have almost total control almost all human information in English,” he added.

'So why are they not a threat to Democracy?' asked Carlson. 'Obviously, they are.'

Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook are intentionally suppressing bombshell information obtained by the New York Post showing that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are far more corrupt (think Ukraine and China) than anything we thought about then before.


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