Exclusive: The Democrat Left is pushing our major cities to the brink of anarchy through systematic neutering of police, law enforcement

(NationalSentinel) It’s a phenomenon that we’ve been monitoring now for more than a year: There is a concerted effort by the growing Leftist/Marxist faction of the Democrat Party to create mass chaos in our biggest cities through implementation of policies that are neutering police.

What’s more, the end result is very likely to be mass walk-outs at police departments in our biggest cities, followed by periods of anarchy, leading to a permanent inability of these same cities to attract and hire enough cops to even put on the streets without major changes in policy and leadership.

You may recall in recent days an event which occurred in one of the most unlikely of places: New York City, where two young police officers were criminally assaulted by onlookers who drenched them with water and even struck one cop with an empty bucket.

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The video has shocked Americans all over the country, many of whom are scratching their heads as to why NYPD officers would allow this to happen:

The ‘why’ isn’t hard to figure out: The hard-Left ‘hands-off’ policies of the city’s current Marxist mayor, Bill DeBlasio, are responsible. The mayor, who fancies himself a legitimate 2020 presidential candidate, has had an increasingly adversarial relationship with his department since taking office. As VICE News reports, it was DeBlasio who has ended the ‘stop-and-frisk’ practices that made NYC streets safer and reduced crime while blaming his department for police-related killings.

“Police reform was a key element on the mayor’s platform in 2013, and he has led a paradigm shift in the way the city is police during his time in office. New York is the safest big city in the country, while this administration has ended the era of stop and frisk and dramatically reduced arrests,” a de Blasio spokesperson told VICE News.

“There may be resistance to reform, but we are confident it is the right direction for our city.”

But look at the video: Is this what they mean by “reform” — allowing NYPD cops to be doused with water and assaulted while trying to do their jobs?


Bob McManus, writing in the New York Post, made some poignant observations about the incident, concluding that this is how cities fall apart:

The NYPD, under orders from City Hall, has been standing down for years now — watching fare-beaters beating fares, pot-dealers dealing pot and addicts and insane people defecating in the streets, all without consequence.

And the street people have been watching the cops watching them, but without objection, and all of a sudden the penny drops — Pax Giuliana is over, and now the bad guys believe they can get away with anything.

If the bucket-brigade action is fair testimony, they can.

The irony is that Mayor Running-for-President set out to rid the city of broken-windows policing — the well-tested notion that little crimes left unaddressed beget bigger crimes — and he succeeded. Now the subways stink of urine and it has all come roaring back.

When an in-your-face town like New York suddenly realizes that City Hall tolerates minor crime — as a matter of social equity, no less — it gets more of it, fast. Presently, citizens are pouring water on cops. One shudders to think what comes next.

In Philadelphia, meanwhile, a new prosecuting attorney who practices Saul Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals” rather than law enforcement is already creating conditions for long-term anarchy and rising crime barely a year into the job.

Gun-related crimes and other violent activities are already rising, thanks to DA Larry Krasner’s Left-wing ‘reforms’ whose primary objective is “is releasing criminals rather than prosecuting them,” writes James Schultz at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And, of course, this is having a deleterious effect on the Philly police department.

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Schultz continues:

Gun-related violent crime is rising in Philadelphia. The police force is demoralized. Victims of crimes, their families, and advocacy groups feel betrayed.

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

When he was running for district attorney, Larry Krasner, supported by a PAC funded by George Soros, made his commitment to social reform and reducing the inmate population quite clear. He promised to fundamentally transform the city’s criminal justice system.

No one can accuse Krasner of not following through.

As the Inquirer reported on June 23rd, Krasner is funneling an increased number of gun cases to a court diversionary program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD). In 2018, Krasner’s first year as district attorney, 78 cases were sent to the ARD program, compared with 12 the previous year.

Why does this matter? Because criminals who carry guns usually intend to use them.

In addition, Krasner — and Leftist DAs like him — are instructing prosecutors to request cash bail less often or doing away with it altogether because it’s “unfair.” They are ignoring bona fide criminal activities that may be considered ‘low level’ but which will escalate, and spread, unless addressed. And they are accusing the old systems of justice of being “racist” because of the number of minorities prosecuted in the past, despite the fact that they are committing more crimes per capita.

On the West Coast, police departments in Democrat-run cities are suffering similar demoralization — and similar demonization.

A year ago, American City and County reported that cops in Seattle are not only becoming frustrated with local Leftist policies but also the Democratic Socialist city counsel members who are implementing them.

“Due to frustrations over local politics and steadily declining morale, Seattle police officers are leaving the force in what the city’s police union is calling a ‘mass exodus,'” the publication reported, adding:

As of May, the department says 41 officers have left the force. While this wouldn’t be a particularly surprising number if those leaving were retiring, sources inside the department are saying the majority of these departures are younger officers who feel underappreciated, according to local Fox affiliate Q13.

“I have never seen the number of officers who are leaving and the way they are leaving,” Seattle Police Guild Vice President Rich O’Neill told the TV station, adding that dwindling numbers of officers would mean a more dangerous Seattle and a department deprived of resources.

“Less officers on the streets, less safe for the citizens,” he told the station. “When you have all these officers you have invested all this money in and they are leaving for Tacoma, Olympia, Pierce County and Snohomish County.”

That was a year ago, mind you. But, as noted by Crosscut in a report earlier this month, not much has changed.

Speaking of Democratic presidential contenders, another one has also recently tossed his entire department under the bus following what, by all public accounts, appears to have been a completely legitimate police shooting of a black man who was wielding a knife and threatening officers.

As we reported earlier this month, the president of the Sound Bend, Ind., police association is boldly refuting allegations by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, that a recent shooting involving a white officer and a black suspect, Erik Logan, was racially motivated:

During an appearance on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Harvey Mills of the South Bend Fraternal Order of Police said the incident had nothing to do with “skin color,” but rather centered around an officer defending himself against a felony suspect who was attempting to attack him with an eight-inch knife.

In a speech in Chicago at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition with the Rev. Jesse Jackson Monday, Buttigieg essentially threw his entire police force under a bus when he suggested that there was deep-rooted racial bias within the department. 

He also claimed that he has been ‘working’ to fix a racial disparity on the majority-white force, noting that “young African Americans not trusting police and therefore not wanting to become police officers” is one reason why NPR reported.

Buttigieg said in his speech that South Bend is a “city that has known its measure of pain.” He added that he has worked to increase police professionalism, decrease bias, increase de-escalation tactics, but “whatever we’ve done has not been enough.”

“This is not just a political problem and it is not just a police problem and it is not just my problem or my city’s problem. And it is certainly not a black problem. This is an American problem, demanding nationwide solutions,” he claimed.

Throw into this toxic mix Leftist Democratic policies of working against federal officials trying to enforce immigration law and other statutes, and you can begin to see why police officers are not simply feeling under-appreciated but under siege.

Also, toss in presidential politics. How many times did Barack Obama call local police officers racists and bigots who abuse their power? Often; he started right after he was elected, in fact, when he claimed — without knowing any of the details — that a Cambridge, Mass., police officer “acted stupidly” when he arrested a black professor friend of his.

All of this has had a cumulative negative effect on policing — and public safety, as departments all over the country struggle to recruit enough officers.

“There’s a quiet crisis in American policing - a shortage of officers. Departments across this country are struggling to find enough qualified applicants for the jobs available. And the total number of sworn officers is dropping even as the American population grows,” NPR reported recently.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there were roughly 700,000 officers working full-time in America in December, or about 23,000 fewer officers since 2013.

“Since Ferguson, a lot of people wonder, well, if I’m going to become a cop, is something I do wrong going to end up on video and becoming a big scandal? So a lot of people aren’t even considering going into law enforcement when they would’ve 10 years ago,” notes Martin Kaste for NPR.

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The Marshall Project reported in February, “Two-thirds of 397 law enforcement agencies reported in a December survey that they have seen a decrease in applicants compared to five years ago.”

“This is all very dangerous stuff — because cops who are made to look absurd in public will be regarded as absurd by the public,” McManus noted.

“The command presence backed by the moral authority of the city will have evaporated — and Gotham will have taken a giant step back to the Lindsay administration’s potted-plant approached to policing: Roll up and take a crime report, but only when necessary, and otherwise stay out of sight.”

So will every other major American city where Alinsky’s radicalism is now guiding law enforcement. And sooner rather than later, citizens are going to begin pay the price as the social fabric frays and anarchy breaks out in parts of the country where the lawless nature of Left-wing policies dominate.


By Jon Dougherty

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