(NationalSentinel) First, disclosure: We are extremely pro-police here at The National Sentinel. We recognize that without our local police officers, there would be anarchy in the streets and millions of people would die in a week. We need them to be on-the-job everyday and we need to support that thin blue line because it’s all that stands in the way of complete societal collapse.

That said, we’re seeing honest-to-goodness anarchy - on college campuses and in cities and communities around the country - that is being committed by fascist groups who claim to be against fascism. They are using force and committing violence against Americans who simply have a different political point of view, and what’s more, they are being supported and encouraged, unbelievably, by Democratic politicians and their party’s propaganda wing, the establishment media.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-11It shouldn’t matter if many of these Alt-Left actors are in the employ of billionaire George Soros, or if many of them are really just showing up because they want to: They are committing acts of domestic terrorism and they are largely getting away with it.

Case in point - the acts of violence in response to a planned event featuring Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California-Berkeley, home to the Free Speech Movement in the mid-1960s. As reported by Breitbart, police were present but may as well not have been:

Were these groups merely showing up at events to protest — to express their views without silencing others — they would be perfectly entitled to do so. But lately, they have taken advantage of the timidity of the police — which they helped engineer, through their participation in the Black Lives Matter movement — to run amok, breaking up events and assaulting innocent people in full view of law enforcement officers and even the media. They are almost never pursued and never punished.

Consider this, from the Berkeley campus newspaper, the Daily Californian: while there were three arrests made Wednesday —  two in connection with violence earlier in the day — there was only one arrest by campus police at the protest itself, despite the violence. As for the city police, “[a]ccording to Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Officer Byron White, the city of Berkeley did not make any arrests in connection with the protests Wednesday night,” the Daily Californian reported.

We are aware of part of the reason why a number of large local police departments are not more aggressive with these people: They are part of liberal city governments run by far-Left Democratic mayors and city counsels who, like Democrats on the national level, have an ideological affinity for the things the anarchists are protesting.

But at what point do ordinary citizens have a right to expect not to be beaten in front of officers by people who, if they had attacked someone outside of a “protest,” would surely be arrested and charged with assault and battery?

We see two scenarios developing if police are not permitted at some point to intervene meaningfully with mass arrests, and neither of them are healthy for a civil society:

— 1) Continued restraint will encourage more violence and more innocents will suffer or even be killed;

— 2) Counter-groups will begin attending these events ready to fight to protect whomever is being victimized and there will be war in our streets.

We have no doubt that the Trump administration is monitoring this situation - the president himself said Thursday in response to the violence at Berkeley he would consider cutting federal funds to the institution for failing to provide safe environments for speakers of all political views.

But if local police are too powerless - by choice - to intervene, maybe the federal government needs to at some point. After all, domestic terrorism is a serious offense, and those who fund such actions should be held to account as well (we’re looking at you, Soros).

However, it would be far better for local officials to handle these riotous thugs. We can’t make America great again and tolerate this kind of unhinged violence.

At some point there will be pushback against these groups, and the violence will only escalate from there. Surely local officials know this - so why are they willing to risk the breakdown of law and order in their cities?

Local police need to be empowered to protect against the lawlessness of the angry Left. The sooner the better.

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