NY Times analysis proves once again the Left has no clue why Americans will reelect President Trump

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Based on an assessment of current political trade winds, Nate Cohn, writing in The New York Times, seems to believe that President Donald Trump is likely to exceed his 2016 electoral college tally next year in cruising to victory over (insert chosen Democratic presidential nominee here).

But as usual, Cohn and everyone else at the Times (and throughout the mainstream media) is getting the reason why Trump could win very wrong.

Cohn writes:

President Trump’s approval ratings are under water in national polls. His position for re-election, on the other hand, might not be quite so bleak.

His advantage in the Electoral College, relative to the national popular vote, may be even larger than it was in 2016, according to an Upshot analysis of election results and polling data.

That persistent edge leaves him closer to re-election than one would think based on national polls, and it might blunt any electoral cost of actions like his recent tweets attacking four minority congresswomen. … 

A strategy rooted in racial polarization could at once energize parts of the president’s base and rebuild support among wavering white working-class voters. Many of these voters backed Mr. Trump in the first place in part because of his views on hot-button issues, including on immigration and race.

Regarding the polls, fewer people actually believe in them after they were all wrong during the 2016 election, predicting a Hillary Clinton landslide. Also, more and more Americans understand that the Left uses polls to drive narratives, not actually take the pulse of the country. And poll after poll showing the president ‘underwater’ seek to do just that — drive down his support with a fake narrative.

But Cohn’s views regarding Trump as a “polarizing” figure are bizarre and insulting to our intelligence.

First and foremost, if there is a polarizing movement in America today it is coming from the Left and from media like The New York Times. The use of insults, allegations of racism and bigotry, and comparisons to Nazis and fascists to describe the president’s supporters is about as polarizing as it gets, and yet the Democrat Left triples and quadruples down on this strategy every day.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who’s 2020 Democratic presidential prospects continue to dim, claims that Trump supporters have to “look the other way on racism” in order to back him.

Huffpost, in reporting on Buttigieg’s comments, actually included this sentence: “Trump, who has a long history of making bigoted comments…”

No, he doesn’t. The Left-wing media has claimed that he does, but that’s not the same as actually making racist, bigoted comments.

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Buttigieg and HuffPo aren’t alone in spreading this lie.

Another flagging 2020 Democratic presidential contender, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, pronounced that our president is “leading a concerted, organized attack against people of color” — when, in fact, he and fellow Democrats, along with their propaganda media, are “leading a concerted, organized attack” against the president’s backers.

“From the outset of this campaign, even before this campaign, I talked about how dangerous President Trump’s open racism is, the Mexicans as rapists and criminals, the Muslims who should be banned from this country, how it doesn’t just offend us but it changes us,” Beto complained.

But again, the strategy here is to say that Trump is racist over and over and over again, sans evidence, because that’s become the 2020 Democratic strategy. Russian collusion didn’t work. Impeachment bombed. Trying to talk the economy into a recession isn’t going to work, either. So Democrats have settled on the “Trump is a racist bigot and so are his supporters” lie.

How polarizing. And how foolish, if the objective is to win elections.

Nobody likes to be called a racist 24/7/365, especially when they’re not (and the vast majority of Americans are not). And it’s beginning to show. As the Seattle Times reports, the president is not only raking in tons of donations from addresses in that blue city, but more Trump supporters are ‘coming out’ and being public about their backing. Moreover, Trump is out-collecting the next six leading Democratic contenders.

“Past this point of the last campaign, Trump had only six donations from Seattle — and when The Seattle Times contacted the donors, two said they wanted their money back,” the paper said.

Then there is the Left-wing violence, thanks to Antifa and similar organizations. Every time an American sees punks dressed in black ganging up on an older couple, a father and his daughter, or breaking windows and attacking people, Democrats lose another backer.

Nobody likes to be attacked.

Now, however, Antifa and its supporters are going beyond beating up people in Portland, Ore. They are attacking ICE facilities with guns in San Antonio. They are attempting to firebomb ICE detention facilities in Tacoma.

How polarizing.

Cohn, writing in the Times, may be right that President Trump is cruising to victory next year with an even bigger slice of the electoral college than in 2016. But he and the other Left-wing media and political analyst types are dead wrong about Trump being the one who is polarizing.

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