By Duncan Smith

A new poll indicates Americans are getting more than just a little jittery about all of this left-wing anti-police rhetoric flung about by the American Terrorist Party (Democrats) and echoed by their gaslighting chums in the ‘mainstream media.’

Breitbart News has the details:

Most Americans are concerned anti-police rhetoric, routinely touted by Democrats and radical leftists, will lead to a shortage of police officers and ultimately endanger public safety, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Wednesday found.

The survey, taken April 13-14 among 1,000 likely U.S. voters, asked respondents, 'How concerned  are you that the growing criticism of America's police will lead to a shortage of police officers and reduce public safety in the community where you live?'

Sixty-three percent said they are either 'very' or 'somewhat' concerned, compared to 29 percent who said they are 'not very' or 'not at all' concerned. Seven percent said they are not sure.

A majority of Republicans, Democrats, and independents said the rhetoric has prompted at least some level of concern– 84 percent among Republicans, 52 percent among Democrats, and 59 percent among independents.

Notably, 52 percent of black voters also said they are concerned, and 61 percent of non-white voters expressed the same sentiments.

So, a fairly broad crosss-section of the public now has concerns that public safety is suffering because our police officers are under relentless verbal, physical, and legal assault.

Okay, got it.

But let’s get something straight, shall we?

This is all purposeful. 

The American Terrorist Party is playing out a plan here to take control of the country by force — and make it look like that’s exactly what ‘we’ want them to do.

It’s diabolical as hell and brilliant at the same time:

  1. Attack police
  2. Implement policies that create chaos under the guise of ‘criminal justice reform
  3. Exacerbate and politicize every single incident that advances your objectives (total chaos and a breakdown of society)
  4. Ruin Americans’ trust in their institutions
  5. Destroy their faith in the existing ‘system’
  6. When it’s all aflame or close to it, step in with massive force to ‘take control on behalf of the people’s safety (like COVID)’ and then rule under a declared national emergency that won’t ever end because there will always be some ‘threat’ (conservative/patriot/Republican/Trump supporter) lurking.

This is coming, folks. Count on it.

These people aren’t stupid. They are evil AF but they aren’t dummies.

Red states had better pull their collective heads out of their a**es and come up with a plan to unite because the American Terrorist Party is using this brief Democrat-majority window to take permanent control and deep-six our republic for good.

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