Obama’s deep state is in deep doo-doo: Docs say Michael Flynn was SET UP by James Clapper, WaPo reporter

(TNS) We have long suspected the reason why President Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn — fired by Obama because he wouldn’t play 44’s games or take his BS — was never sentenced for his ‘crime’ of ‘lying’ to an FBI agent was because he didn’t lie to an FBI agent and was set up.

Come to find out now, according to new docs dropped by his lawyer, former federal prosecutor and whistleblower Sydney “Take No Prisoners” Powell, Flynn was screwed over by Obama’s deep state.

By former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, specifically.

TechnoFog on Twitter dropped the docs Thursday night. Looks like former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, whom Peter Strzok was involved with, was in on it as well (which means, in all likelihood, so was Strzok).

Oh look…Strzok was in on it (allegedly — we have to say that):

Remember hearing some time ago that the FBI agents (including Strzok) didn’t believe that Flynn had lied to them? Well, yeah, Page and Strzok discussed that too.

More deviousness regarding an alleged conversation between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak that didn’t happen (this was the key allegation against Flynn — that he lied about a conversation with the ambassador that he didn’t recall having):

And here’s where that “Democracy Dies in Darkness” rag, the Washington Post, played its dutiful role in all this:

An out-and-out lie about what Flynn did and did not say:

We noted in December 2018 that the original FBI 302 ‘documenting’ Flynn’s interview was messed with.

Speaking of lying to federal agents and Congress being a crime, maybe lawyer Lisa Page should get herself an attorney:

Now, you wait: The Garbage Party will claim all of this is ‘revenge’ for ‘impeaching Trump.’ But forget that noise; it’s expected. The guilty Alinskyites always claim their political enemies are guilty of the things they have done.

AG Bill Barr had better be convening a grand jury and typing up some indictments soon. Let’s see who flips on Clapper (and Brennan? and Comey? and…and….Obama?) first.

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Dang, need to start a rope factory for all these dirtbags.


These stories give me a hard on!!!! Thanks for the great work!!!

The Prisoner

It’s a great report. But, Barr is still denying Flynn exculpatory evidence. I am unaware of any single legal action Barr has taken to fight the conspiracy.

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