Just so you know: Trump/GOP tax cuts and economic policies are putting thousands of dollars in wages back in workers’ pockets

(TNS) Because the crap ‘mainstream media’ won’t tell you anything good at all about President Trump, Republicans, and their policies, Americans will just have to rely on real media sites (like this one) to give you the facts.

Earlier, as USAFeatures reported, the latest jobs data from the Labor Department is stellar: 128,000 new jobs created in October, higher than analysts were anticipating (again).

The site noted:

Most analysts had forecast job growth of about 75,000 for last month after the economy added 136,000 new positions in September.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate remained near historic lows at 3.6 percent, according to the Labor Department’s report.

And remember those tax cuts the president and Republicans passed in December 2017 — about the only thing a majority of RINOs helped Trump accomplish his first year in office?

Well, those are paying big dividends too.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow and White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham noted that those cuts have put an average of $5,000 back in American workers’ pockets last year.’

That’s more over the past 2.5 years than take-home pay rose for workers over the previous two administrations.

What is it they say? “Results may vary.” Right. They may.

There are several factors that influence tax brackets and take-home pay. People who have more money in their pockets tend to spend more, for example.

But overall, it’s clear that a) unemployment is so low that our country is literally at full employment; b) when there are more jobs than workers, wages go up; and c) the Trump tax cuts were not ‘just for the wealthy.’

In January 2018, only a year into Trump’s tenure, CNBC reported that wage gains were the best since the Great Recession:

The Employment Cost Index, a measure of salary and benefit costs, registered a 2.6 percent gain for the full year, tied for the best since 2007, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.’

President Donald Trump’s first full year in office saw gains that easily outdistanced any year for his predecessor, Barack Obama, whose best showing was the 2.2 percent increases in 2016 and 2014. Six of Obama’s eight years in office saw gains of 2 percent or less.

And yeah, the vast majority of Americans got a tax cut.

However, this good news comes with a warning: Just one Democrat administration will reverse all of the economic gains we’ve made under President Trump.

Just one.

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The problem with all this winning is that lefties are losing their plantation slaves.

Nobody but a pervert, criminal, doperfaggot, pedohomo-satanist or imbecile would vote for their insanity.
Trump by landslide 2020.


Yes, the economy is back in order. Wishing for a flat tax, and inheritance/estate tax reform.

Tax slavery / debt-slavery is where we are at now. The problem arises when you run out of tax slave’s ability to pay for the 50% of the parasite population that don’t pay.

If you don’t pay income tax, you shouldn’t be able to vote. No skin in the game. Losers will always take the easy path. That’s why you see 19% of the retardos embracing socialism/communism. They’re lazy shitheels.

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