Hunter Biden: ‘I shouldn’t have done the Ukraine thing but hey, it’s all Trump’s and Giuliani’s fault’ (Video)

(TNS) Hunter Biden, son of former VP Joe Biden, gave an interview to ABC News Tuesday evening, his first since all of the ‘controversy’ surrounding his lucrative association with a corrupt Ukrainian firm his daddy helped him land.

Anyone with a pair of brain cells to rub together knows these two are corrupt sons of bitches.

Joe Biden is on video bragging his ass off about how he threatened to withhold a billion dollars from the Ukrainians unless they fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings, the energy firm that employed Hunter as a “board member” for around $167,000/month.

There are some indications Joe Biden violated U.S. law in the process.

But while Hunter Biden told ABC News that yeah, he probably landed that lucrative gig with Burisma (and the China bank deal he did with Chris Heinz, John Kerry’s stepson) because of who he was, he didn’t do anything wrong.

No. It’s Rudy Giuliani and President Trump who are engaging in a “conspiracy theory” — blaming the Bidens for doing shit that everyone with two eyes and two ears knows they fucking did.

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It’s this kind of shit that got Trump elected in the first place: All of the shady, backroom, penis-stroking deals done by deep state douchebags like these two who use their station in life to bilk others at the expense of our country’s foreign and national security policy.

Kind of like Bitch Hillary and Blow Job Bill Clinton have done for decades.

What a fucktard loser this guy is, but hey, he’s a Biden. What did we expect?


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and no hateful libtards in America have any problem with this little kunts corruption………….. BUT TRUMP MADE A PHONE CALL………IMPEACH IMPEACH………….. libtards are nothing but stupid , sore looser , stuck up , hypocrites ………… biden is a joke…….. his son is a joke………..the left are the biggest joke…….. all their candidates are the same…….. 2 faced , sellout, corrupt liars


Hunter Biden, suddenly resigning from the board of his China-connected company is like tossing a bag of weed out the car window as you are being pulled over by the police. Hahahah


BARF ALERT! If this isn’t typical of a spoiled rich kid, him and Beto, nothing is. Just blame all the bad things that happen to you on someone else. Tell that to God after you’re dead and see how it works, stupes!


Hunter said, “I will not do business with foreign governments if my Dad becomes President.” Since his Dad will never be Prez, it will be business as usual. The Biden’s need to be indicted by the DOJ, Barr now.

The Prisoner

His remarks were carefully prepared by lawyers and political advisers. It’s totally phony.

Christian Gains
Christian Gains

Let’s see now…Hunter is working for TWO very SERIOUSLY anti-America ops…BUT! He’s INNOCENT of ANY WRONG DOING…YEH! Sounds similar to his DADDY’S “GAME” in Ukraine…btw…When was the last time you heard a CRIMINAL admit he’s a CRIMINAL???? Hmmmmm????? Just say’in!!!

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