By Duncan Smith

Is he serious…?

If there is such a thing anymore as a “moderate Democrat,” it’s Sen. Joe Manchin from West Virginia.

He really doesn’t have any choice because he’s from a deep red state whose own governor, Jim Justice, switched from the Democrat to the Republican Party at one of President Donald Trump’s rallies in August 2017.

Manchin also carefully navigated the political center ahead of his 2016 reelection (he’s up again in 2022).

So, if anyone in DC right now has any legitimacy when it comes to a call for bipartisanship and some unity in these tumultuous, divided times in which we live, it’s probably Manchin.

The Epoch Times reports:

Sen. Joe Manchin…called on bipartisanship to prevail in American politics.

The statement came after Democrats were poised to take a majority in the Senate.

Media projections suggested that Democrat Raphael Warnock won the Georgia Senate contest against Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), and then on Wednesday afternoon, the other Georgia Senate race was called for Democrat Jon Ossoff against Republican David Perdue.

If those wins are certified and President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated as president, Democrats will control the Senate. Republicans will have 50 seats to Democrats' 50 including independent Sens. Angus King (Maine) and Bernie Sanders* (Vt.), with the vice president being the tie-breaker.

*Bernie IDs as an “independent” because he refuses to be honest with his constituents and register as a Commie.

'Now, more than ever, we must enter a new era of bipartisanship in Washington,' the senator said in a statement before hundreds of people, many supporters of President Trump, stormed the U.S. Capitol Building. 'With tight margins in the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans are faced with a decision to either work together to put the priorities of our nation before partisan politics or double down on the dysfunctional tribalism.

'With respect to the Senate, we must return to regular order. I am hopeful that we will set an agenda that invites vigorous and respectful debate on the issues that matter,' he said. 'Above all, we must avoid the extreme and polarizing rhetoric that only further divides the American people—I will work tirelessly to make sure we do,' he added. 'To ensure we achieve this new era of bipartisanship let us all commit to restoring decency and civility to our politics, and becoming the example of governing the American people deserve and the world expects.'

Do we really expect anyone in Manchin’s party to heed his call. Nope.

But we wanted readers to know that he at least issued it, proving that in rare instances, some Democrats can behave like members of the civil society.

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