Sharyl Attkisson reveals a telling similarity between ‘impeachment inquiry’ deep staters and fired Navy secretary: They can’t deal with Trump the leader

(TNS) There isn’t anything that chaps the assets of ‘official Washington’ more than calling Donald Trump ‘president,’ with the exception of having to treat him like one.

We saw that on display — again — recently when the president had to fire Navy Secretary Richard Spencer for gross insubordination.

Spencer and the politicized Navy brass sought to undermine the commander-in-chief after he pardoned the wrongly accused Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher by taking away his Trident, the coveted emblem the highly trained special operations warrior wears on his uniform.

In an op-ed for none other than the anti-Trump, anti-reality Washington Post, Spencer admitted he defied the president at least three times, attempting to tell Trump to ‘butt out’ of ‘Navy business’ and leaving the screwing over of a veteran operator to him and the brass.

As she so often does, investigative reporting ace Sharyl Attkisson noticed something about Spencer’s actions that others had yet to point out: They sure are very similar to other deep state figures who have sought to undermine the president with testimony to Adam Schiff’s impeachment ‘Schiff show’ last week.

Namely, that they can’t stand it when a president actually thinks he’s in charge.

That’s a really accurate assessment. The problem isn’t that Trump is doing anything wrong or illegal.

He’s just doing things his way — which, by the way, is precisely why we elected him: To act on his policies and political vision.

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We’ve heard people say that none of these schmoes were insubordinate to Barack Obama and his foreign policy objectives, but obviously, in most cases, Obama was carrying out the deep state’s foreign policy vision, especially in Ukraine and Russia.

Donald Trump didn’t run for president to let everyone else do his work for him. Or tell him how to do his work.

That’s what really has all of the foreign policy and intelligence community careerists up in arms: We managed to elect a president who refuses to be kowtowed into pursuing policies that do nothing to enhance American interests and security.

And they hate him for it.

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Spot on !


Investigative reporting ace Sharyl Attkisson is a super sleuth and ought to have a much higher profile in the anti-Communist media. She’s great.
Thanks to TNS for this story. I’ve not seen anything about this in any other media.

Marilyn Renee
Marilyn Renee

Can’t deal with the people’s choice for President…too damned bad!


go … president trump … go

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