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Pro-Trump Pentagon whistleblower who had his security clearance YANKED says investigators in his case given MEDALS

(National Sentinel) Deep State: The scandal surrounding the POTUS Trump-supporting Pentagon whistleblower who tried to report inappropriate payments to a Deep State asset the FBI was using to spy on the president’s 2016 campaign continues to grow.

It now appears as though investigators who were ‘looking into’ 12-year DoD analyst Adam Lovinger’s allegations were incentivized to punish him, The Daily Caller reports, citing documents it obtained that were sent to congressional officials.

The documents show that the investigators were awarded military medals for what amounted to nothing more than official retaliation against a legitimate whistleblower who was trying to alert officials to one part of the massive Spygate scandal:

Through a Statement of Reason (SOR) response, drawn up by his lawyer Sean Bigley, Lovinger claims Jim Baker, the Department of Defense’s Director of the Office of Net Assessment (ONA), targeted him through several tactics, one of which was recommending two military officers for prestigious military medals as motivation to look into Lovinger as the target of a classified leak probe.

One of the investigators Baker assigned to the probe, ONA Chief of Staff Cmdr. Anthony Russell (USCG), received a “Recommendation for Award of the Defense Superior Service Medal.” Russell, according to Lovinger’s SOR, was the architect of two national security inquiries targeting Lovinger.

The “leak” allegations against Lovinger, which he vehemently denies, sounds a lot like the Deep State working to shut him up and punish him for daring to expose part of the scheme.

And wouldn’t you know it that somehow, someway the corrupt Clintons would be involved:

One of the more high-profile contractors ONA hired and Lovinger flagged was headed up by Jackie Newmyer-Deal, Chelsea Clinton’s “best-friend” in the “Long Term Strategy Group” or LTSG.

Over the past decade, LTSG secured more than $11.2 million in contracts from ONA. Lovinger warned his superiors at ONA about the legal issues specifically pertaining to LTSG’s Newmyer-Deal being designated as a “U.S. Representative” in bilateral foreign relation activities with the Japanese.

In an incident with another ONA contractor (not LTSG), Lovinger disclosed to Baker that the contractor copied a World Bank report onto the contractor’s own letterhead and passed it off as original work.

Earlier, The Washington Times reported that Lovinger, who supports the president, was stripped of his security clearance by Obama-appointed hacks after he filed complaints about “questionable government contracts” that were awarded to Stefan Halper, the spy hired by the FBI to infiltrate the 2016 Trump campaign. [See more about his role in “The Spygate Files,” which you can download for free when you subscribe to our daily email newsletter].

Lovinger, who worked in the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, make complaints to his supervisors regarding Halper contracts in the fall of 2016, Bigley told the Times.

“As it turns out, one of the two contractors Mr. Lovinger explicitly warned his ONA superiors about misusing in 2016 was none other than Mr. Halper,” Bigley wrote in his ethics complaint, in which he labeled the contracts “cronyism and corruption.”

Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit on behalf of Lovinger this week against the Pentagon seeking to force DoD to release 75 pages of emails and other electronic communications that mention Lovinger, The DC reported.

So much Deep State corruption and POTUS Trump only has another six years to clean it up…

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