By Duncan Smith

Most Americans would agree that we don’t want police officers trained to shoot first and ask questions later.

But to be perfectly honest, that’s not how cops are trained these days anyway — if they ever really were.

That said, this business of ‘Black Lives Matter’ thugs and Antifa anarchists rioting every time a black male is shot and killed by police is going to get an officer or two killed.

And soon.

In fact, the hesitance in taking down a large black male who was wielding a large knife, on suspicion that he had already stabbed someone, nearly cost a Chicago officer her life.

And who knows how many other officers.

Officer bodycam video from earlier last month that was released this week by Chicago PD clearly show two things: Cops were supremely justified in using deadly force against the man in the video below; and waiting for him to put down a deadly weapon even after he was tased was nearly fatal for the tasing officer.

This is graphic, so you’ve been warned:

No one likes to see anyone shot, but come on…there can be no doubt the suspect would be alive today had he simply followed officers’ orders.

That said, we have to find a middle ground here, folks. We can’t have officers so hesitant to defend themselves (and the general public) they are literally risking their own lives to avoid fall-out.

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