Juan Williams as the ‘Party Pooper’: Jesse Watters calls out his HACK political partisanship during ‘positivity’ segment

Leave it to the lib to dump on the president at the least appropriate time

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) When it comes to recognizing Americans who are currently on the front lines either assisting and caring for others or helping to maintain vital sectors of our economy during widespread coronavirus-related shutdowns, Fox News leads the way.

On Thursday during a “positivity” segment, co-hosts of “The Five” gave shout-outs to citizens who are putting themselves at risk of contracting the disease just to keep others safe, fed, protected, etc.

One of them — Juan Williams, the lone liberal — just couldn’t resist taking potshots at President Donald Trump, however. Because that’s what Leftists do; all politics, all the time, and always negative.

As seen in a viral clip from the show, Williams initially praises American physicians and healthcare workers for their efforts to care for those who fall ill from coronavirus. But then he seamlessly segues into suggesting that President Donald Trump’s plan to offer one-time payouts and assistance to needy Americans during this national emergency somehow invalidates his and the GOP’s case against rank, all-out socialism.

“A lot of the politicians in the country realize you’ve got to kiss up to the government right now, to President Trump and others at the CDC and the rest, in order to get attention at a critical moment. And I think it’s important to understand how that relationship of those very key gears can work,” he said.

“But when you talk about giving out money, when you talk about bailouts for big business, gee, I think this was the party that was running against socialism, running against Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders just a few minutes ago.”


Co-host Jesse Watters wouldn’t let that stand, and understandably so, because for the segment it was completely inappropriate.

“Hey Juan, with all due respect, and I say this with all due respect, you’re really misreading the room,” he said. “You’re misreading the country.

“We’re doing a segment about the positivity of Americans coming together from all walks of life, from the private sector to the public sector, from everyone, and you keep on ruining it, so maybe think about that after the commercial break and try to be a little more positive, Juan. Try to be a little more positive in a time when the country really needs positivity!” Watters continued.

Instead, Williams blurted out as the program was going to commercial: “I think you should go listen to some of the Trump rallies.”

It’s bad enough that Williams had to spoil what was otherwise a very positive segment. But to insinuate that somehow, suddenly, President Trump and Republicans are completely abandoning their free-market economic principles and will now embrace the worst, most destructive economic ideology of all time is just dumb.

Also, there is this.

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“The greatest amount of relief [from the crisis] has not come from the federal government but from the private sector,” Kaylee McGhee of the Washington Examiner correctly notes.

“At least two vaccines have been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration for approval, and several private health companies, such as the Michigan-based NeuMoDx, have rolled out technology that can be adapted and used to test for the coronavirus. All of this happened within a matter of weeks.”



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Cut a check for everyone ?
Sounds great. Except for the freeloaders. They can go suck eggs. Let’s not call it a bailout. More like a refund. They’ve confiscated enough of our dough already. Sad part is they’d have to borrow it to pay us.
Got sidetracked. Sorry.
Juan Williams is an idiot.


Fox must like it when people hit their mute buttons or change the channel. Williams is a disgusting dim witted propagandist. They should fire his ass…nobody of any consequence likes him.

I Dont Know Man....
I Dont Know Man....

..but that Juan Williams guy looks like one of Barry’s Bath House boytoys when Big Mike is out of town.


That the problem with the Democrat/Socialist, there is never a positive moment for them unless it is a negative moment for Republicans and especially our President, otherwise they are continues downers.

Jon B.
Jon B.

Wan’s color don’t look so good….Like shat-out refried beans….

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