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Disgusting ‘mainstream media’ NOISE aimed at disrupting POTUS Trump 24/7/365 is a MASSIVE national security issue

By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National Sentinel) Dangerous Distractions: The ‘mainstream’ media was at it again on Tuesday, doing its level best to ignore the really important things happening in our country and the world to focus on the freak show of the week: Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

The fired former White House staffer and reality TV ‘star’ has a ‘tell-all’ book to sell bashing POTUS Donald Trump, and though so much of what she claims in it has already been debunked, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in North Korea, China, Russia, or the Middle East: Job No. 1 for our pathetic establishment media is to ignore everything else and focus exclusively on disrupting this administration.

Case in point. Four of ABC News‘ lame correspondents wrote this earth-shattering, game-changing story yesterday: WH press secretary: Can’t offer ‘guarantee’ there is no N-word recording.”

Not satisfied with POTUS Trump’s previous 30 denials, ABC News decided to spend thousands more dollars to produce yet another “story” based on the unsubstantiated claims made by a disgruntled ex-employee, Manigault-Newman, who is black, that the president used a racist epithet because (wait for it) ‘everybody knows he really is a racist (historic black support and approval ratings aside) and see? See? Here’s another example!’

To “prove” their point, ABC News and the rest of the juvenile White House press corps launched into another game of “Gotcha!” with presidential spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders (hence the headline noted above).

From ABC News:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday that she could not offer a “guarantee” that the president has never been recorded using the N-word.

“I can’t guarantee anything,” Sanders said when asked to rule out that such a recording exists. “I can tell you the president addressed this question directly. I can tell you I have never heard it. I can tell you if myself or the people in this building serving this country every single day doing our very best to help people all across this country and make it better, if at any point we felt that the president was who some of his critics claim him to be, we certainly wouldn’t be here.

So this is what passes for “news” these days — rumors, allegations, and unsubstantiated claims about a president from a pissed off ex-White House employee who probably screwed up and had to be let go. It happened all the time in previous administrations, but somehow it’s nearly life-ending when it happens in the Trump administration.

Four reporters. Thousands of dollars spent generating a “story” that doesn’t inform us about anything. It’s nothing more than gossip disguised as “news.”

But the problem is, this is just one story and one moment in time. When you multiply this ignorance over hundreds of times per day, every day, it amounts to a huge distraction that POTUS and his administration have to take time away from real issues, threats and problems to deal with.

Most of us have completely shut out the 24/7/365 Left-wing media-generated “noise” that passes for the ‘news narrative of the day.’ But obviously, the president and his administration can’t do that, leaving them distracted by all of this BS.

And frankly that’s a national security issue. The daily press carnival has gotten that bad.

What will happen if, God forbid, the United States finds itself in a major conflict with great power?

Will the “mainstream” media end its purposeful undermining of POTUS long enough for him to be commander-in-chief?

Or will these buffoons, fools, and cowards continue to batter him — and the country — with reports of whispered claims, unproven nonsense, and wild allegations of, say, “collusion” with a foreign power to win an election?

You know what is tons more important than Manigault-Newman? The fact that Left-wing anarchists are becoming increasingly violent and threatening the stability of several major cities like Portland, Ore., and (pick any California city).

As our social fabric unwinds, thanks to the lunacy of the far Left, the press weenies in D.C. are oblivious — or supportive. Either way, it’s bad for our country.

There are some real big issues POTUS Trump must deal with every single day to make sure that the world doesn’t blow up and we all find ourselves on the brink of extinction.

To distract him from these issues with nonsensical idiocy is a huge problem. A national security problem.

The president has often said the establishment media is an ‘enemy’ of the American people. In this context, he’s absolutely right. The distractive garbage that passes for “news” each day has to end, and if that means ending news conferences and kicking idiots ‘reporters’ out of the White House, so be it.

The president has a superpower to run. He doesn’t have time for the nonsense.

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1 Comment on Disgusting ‘mainstream media’ NOISE aimed at disrupting POTUS Trump 24/7/365 is a MASSIVE national security issue

  1. I think it’s fruitless to hope for the MSM. It’s over. They are guided by a pure, irrational hatred for Trump. They have lost all objectivity. With them, real journalism no longer exists. Their “journalism” is to continually spread lies about our President and to support everything that is destructive to our country and Constitution. They are Satan’s mouthpiece and like puppets, he pulls their strings.

    It’s up to us to support real news, real journalism and real truth. We must stop all propaganda. If we all join together, we can and will win. It’s our country. We can bring back sanity to our government and to our society. We must. Sometimes, it is necessary to defend and protect what is good especially when evil is trying to destroy everything we hold dear.

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