By Duncan Smith

Just when we think that the women on “The View” can’t get any more outrageous, they prove us wrong.

By now, you’ve likely heard about the two L.A. Sheriff’s deputies who were ambushed by a thug near a metro rail station in Compton Saturday.

Thankfully, they are expected to survive.

But like they always do, the chicks on The View laid the blame on the one guy who’s trying to promote law and order and bring calm back to our cities — the one guy who is least responsible for this senseless act of violence: President Donald Trump.

During a back-and-forth on Monday, the lefty hosts went out of their way to defend Black Lives Matter, for instance, despite the fact that a group of BLM supporters showed up at the hospital where the two officers were undergoing surgery to proclaim, “We hope they die!”

And though they condemned the shooting, they made sure to go out of their way to defend BLM while blaming Trump.

NewsBusters broke down the transcript:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: [Y]ou-know-who used it as part of his law and order pitch, at his mostly unmasked Nevada rally last night, and there’s no proof there’s no connection to demonstrators

WHOOPI:  Well, I want to point out there is no — there’s no proof that this shooter has anything to do with Black Lives Matter. They don’t know who it is. That’s why they’re asking for the public’s help. So I don’t want to marry those two things when we don’t know if they’re connected.

SARA HAINES:  Well, you can’t conflate the two [BLM and cop shooting], and I don’t know anybody that would support this sort of violence. Black Lives Matter does not support this. Joe Biden doesn’t support it. Kamala Harris doesn’t support it. None of us support it. 

It doesn’t take a genius to make the connection that a movement whose primary message is “F**K the police” could bin playing some role in violence against police.

But no one here is accusing the gals on The View of being geniuses or even deep thinkers.

NewsBusters notes further:

Regardless the other liberal hosts, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, insisted BLM violence everywhere was a 'manufactured' right-wing narrative from President Trump.

Hostin was disturbed by a new Fox News poll which found more voters disregard the media’s message that violent left-wing rioters are actually apolitical “protesters.” 

“[T]hat’s scary because it’s feeding into the narrative that the Trump campaign has been putting out there, and if you really look at the facts, 93% — 93% of protests are nonviolent!” she touted, adding that when federal law enforcement steps in, violence “ratchets up,” so really Trump is to blame.

“So this is manufactured by the Trump campaign, and I just wish that people understood that and knew that, and just looked up the real facts about protests in this country,” she whined. Behar added that it was “impossible to know” who was responsible for anti-cop violence because there are different narratives on Fox News than there is in the New York Times and NPR. 

For her part, co-host Meghan McCain did, at least, mention the BLM scumbags who showed up outside the hospital. But that was about the only pushback.

“I want somebody to stop painting demonstrators all with one brush, because it’s impossible to know who those people [are],” Goldberg complained to end the segment.

Odd, given that The View didn’t have any problems calling lockdown protesters, white supremacists, and terrorists.

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