(TNS) Last week a video went viral showing an illegal alien from Mexico using a rope ladder to scale a new section of border wall, with help from some buddies.

Immediately, the daggers went out from the Garbage Party and their mainstream media propagandists who gloated, ‘See? See? Trump’s wall doesn’t work! What a waste of money!!’

Only, as is almost always the case with such videos, there is much more to the story.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.)shared a video of a Border Patrol agent explaining that despite the viral video making it appear as though the wall didn’t work, it actually did, thanks to ancillary security features.

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“Yesterday, a video showing someone illegally crossing into the United States over the new border wall went viral,” Graves said in the tweet sharing the video. “Today the Border Patrol revealed there was more to the story.”

“Spoiler alert: the suspect didn’t get away – and the wall worked as planned,” he added in a tweet.

“Less than 24 hours ago, a video showed up on both Facebook and Twitter showing an individual climbing the border wall. That individual was assisted by the use of a rope ladder and two subjects on the Mexican side,” the officer said.

“In the video clip, the individual makes it over the border wall and begins to run north into the United States.”

“The border wall systems consists of not only a physical barrier, but also lighting, patrol roads, and detection technology,” the officer continued. “While the physical barrier serves to slow down illicit traffic, the detection technology alerts our agents as to where and when threats emerge. The patrol roads allow for a rapid response.”

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Standing where the breach took place, he said the “system worked exactly as designed.”

“The illicit traffic was slowed down. The detection technology alerted our agents. Agents responded, and the subject was apprehended,” he explained.

“That subject turned out to be a 16-year-old Mexican male. All too often, criminal organizations exploit juveniles in this regard,” the agent said.

“Through partnerships with the government of Mexico, coordination is currently underway to locate the other two subjects involved in this incident.”

So much for that gloating.

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