Arizona Gov to Nike following decision to pull Betsy Ross shoes: ‘Don’t come to our state, we’re doing fine without you’

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has rejected sports icon Nike’s bid to move to the state after the company bowed to its anti-American ‘brand ambassador’ Colin Kaepernick and decided to pull its new “Betsy Ross” shoe over its depiction of the flag she designed for our newly independent republic.

In a series of tweets, Ducey made three things plain: America first, Nike made a mistake, and Arizona is doing swell without the company.

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Ducey’s thread comes after reports noted that because Kaepernick objected to the placement of the colonial-era American flag on the sneaker, the company decided to flush all of the development, marketing, and logistics dollars spent on it by pulling it before stores even had them on their shelves.


For the record, accounts indicate that Betsy Ross, whose home is in Philadelphia (I’ve seen it) was involved in the creation of our first flag. In an account told about 100 years afterward but supported by affidavits, she not only made the flag but suggested changes to its design (click here).

Kaepernick signed a contract with Nike last year after being shunned by NFL owners following his kneeling protests. He once wore socks featuring pigs with police caps to football practice because it’s a lot easier to denigrate the men and women who form the thin blue line when the civil society is still intact and your city isn’t burning down around you.

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Thank you, Governor Ducey. You are a true patriot. Nike has acted in a cowardly way for bowing down to the anti-American prejudices and bullying of a leftist Deep State shill like Kaepernick. Our flag is precious. Many brave Americans have died in battle to preserve the freedoms that our flag represents, and Nike should be ashamed of itself for allowing it’s brand to be bullied by a Soros-paid shill like Kaepernick who hates the country in which he lives and prospers—the greatest nation on the planet—the United States of America. God bless our sovereign nation. Loading...


Boycott Nike.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner

I see no responses from Nike, since they cannot defend their action. They will let their lawyers talk if needed.

Too many Americans are just plain ignorant and not patriotic, will continue to buy Nike.

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