By Duncan Smith

In case you missed it, the House was not in session today.


Nancy Pelosi got some ‘intelligence report’ saying there could be a militia attack on the Capitol complex.

Not even kidding.

Adding to the absurdity is the fact that the Senate was still in session.

Apparently, Pelosi’s intelligence report said only House members were in danger or something.

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

But it gets worse. Pelosi’s using the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to maximum political benefit.

A racist former Army general Pelosi hand-picked to make ‘security recommendations’ moving forward wants the complex turned into an armed camp that walls off lawmakers (Democrats especially) from We the People.

Trending Politics notes:

U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, a partisan hand-picked by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lead a review of the Capitol riots security failures, has provided a first glimpse into his security enhancement recommendations in the aftermath of the January 6th uprising.

As reported exclusively by Fox News, based on a draft copy of the general's recommendations, contain a startling provision to staff a 'quick reaction force' at the nation's capitol permanently.

'The government should create an around-the-clock 'quick reaction force' of federal law enforcement officers or members of the National Guard at the U.S. Capitol,' Fox News reported, based on a 'six-week security review of the Jan. 6 riot led by retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré has recommended.'

'A draft copy of the task force's recommendations, exclusively obtained by Fox News, also calls for U.S. Capitol police reforms, an increased National Guard presence and stocking up on mobile fencing that could be deployed in response to a crisis in the future, then quickly packed up when it's over,' the network reported.

Speaker Pelosi's purportedly 'non-partisan' review panel, dubbed Task Force 1-6, is led by Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré. As reported here exclusively, the general has a more extensive history of partisanship than most reports indicate.

The Quick Reaction Force or QRD, would be 'manned 24/7, 365 days a year,' Fox News reported, and would cost taxpayers 'between $40 and $130 million annually.'

'Members of the force would either be recruited from existing federal law enforcement, established under the D.C. National Guard or from Guard units from all over the U.S. for three to six month stints, or reestablishing a military police battalion from troops. who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty,' Fox News continued in its exclusive report.

'Other recommendations include hiring nearly 900 more USCP officers, a 40% increase to the force,' the report continued. 'The department put in about 720,000 overtime hours in the last fiscal year, and currently has more than 200 vacant positions.'

'Not only is this model unsustainable, it leaves the force with no ability to pull officers from the line to train,' the report says.

'The [Capitol Police Board's] deliberate decision-making process proved too slow and cumbersome to respond to the crisis in January, delaying requests for critical supplemental resources,' the report concluded. 'Specifically, the USCP Chief should not require CPB approval to request assistance from external agencies or the National Guard in an emergency.'

Nancy Pelosi and her disgusting party are gaslighting our country into internal conflict. 

One private intelligence report we’ve seen expressed concerns that this lunatic racist general is making the high security recommendations to protect Democrats from the masses after the pass wildly unpopular legislation.

That makes more sense than anything else we’ve heard.

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