By Duncan Smith

President Trump has had some stellar administration spokespersons, and his latest, Kayleigh McEnany, is no exception.

She’s smart, fearless, on-point, and comes to briefings well-prepared.

She’s also not afraid to do ‘in-your-face’ stuff with the White House press gaggle, the collection of young-ish Democrat Party hacks who pretend to be ‘unbiased reporters.’

So when she was asked about Democrats downplaying a potential coronavirus vaccine that may actually be ready before the November election, McEnany didn’t hold back.

Fox News reports:

Democrats are 'playing politics with people’s lives' by 'sowing doubt' about a coronavirus vaccine, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told 'Fox & Friends' on Tuesday.

She made her comment in reaction to statements made by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in Lancaster, Pa., on Monday.

A reporter asked the former VP, 'Would you take the COVID vaccine if the Trump administration offered it before the election?'

'I would want to see what the scientists said,' he responded.

The reporter then asked, 'Do you trust [Dr. Anthony] Fauci and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)?'

'I want full transparency on a vaccine,' Biden said. 'One of the problems is the way he’s [Trump is] playing with politics.'

'He’s said so many things that aren’t true I’m worried if we do have a really good vaccine people will be reluctant to take it and so he’s undermining public confidence, but pray to God we have it,' Biden continued. 'If I could get a vaccine tomorrow, I’d do it. If it cost me the election, I’d do it.

“We need a vaccine and we need it now, as quick as we can get it,' he went on to say. 'We have to listen to the scientists.'

Um, this was just a yes-or-no question: Will you take the vaccine? Because to say anything else is to imply that just because it was developed and approved by the Trump administration it could be tainted since, you know, Trump really wants to harm us.

In that vein, Trump said on Monday that a vaccine could be ready by October, then blasted Dems for casting doubts.

Fox News added:

McEnany stressed on Tuesday that President Trump will 'depend on the scientists' as it pertains to a coronavirus vaccine, 'which is what he’s done every single step of the way.'

She echoed Trump in saying that what Democrats are doing 'is very, very dangerous.'

'They are literally playing politics with people’s lives here by sowing doubt about a vaccine,' McEnany said.

She went on to note that 'we have renowned experts over at 'Operation Warp Speed' that are working on this.'

'President Trump has tore through bureaucratic barriers so we can get a safe, effective, and timely vaccine,' McEnany said.

Democrats are pathetic. Here they whine about the coronavirus death toll, then intentionally cast doubt about a vaccine to treat it, which could lead to more deaths.

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