AG Barr takes aim at ‘social justice reformers’ posing as district attorneys who are ‘demoralizing’ police and making cities less safe

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) U.S. Attorney General William Barr said during a speech to the Fraternal Order of Police at a gathering in New Orleans on Tuesday that local district attorneys who claim to be “social justice reformers” are harming police moral and making their cities less safe by refusing “to enforce the law.”

“The anti-police narrative is fanning disrespect for the law,” he said. “In recent years, we have witnessed increasing toleration of the notion that it is somehow okay to resist the police.

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“Not too long ago influential public voices — whether in the media or among community and civic leaders — stressed the need to comply with police commands, even if one thinks they are unjust.  ‘Comply first’ and, if you think you have been wronged, ‘complain later,'” he added.

“But we don’t hear this much anymore. Instead, when an incident escalates due to a suspect’s violent resistance to police, that fact is usually ignored by the commentary. The officer’s every action is dissected, but the suspect’s resistance, and the danger it posed, frequently goes without mention.”

In addition, the emergence of Left-leaning local district attorneys whose primary objective isn’t law enforcement but “social justice reform” are not only failing to uphold the law, but they are demoralizing police forces around the country at a time when they must be supported.

“There is another development that is demoralizing to law enforcement and dangerous to public safety,” Barr said.

“That is the emergence in some of our large cities of District Attorneys that style themselves as “social justice” reformers, who spend their time undercutting the police, letting criminals off the hook, and refusing to enforce the law.

“These anti-law enforcement DAs have tended to emerge in jurisdictions where the election is largely determined by the primary,” he continued. “Frequently, these candidates ambush an incumbent DA in the primary with misleading campaigns and large infusions of money from outside groups.”

Once in office, the social justice DAs begin by announcing they will refuse to enforce broad swaths of laws that are on the books.

“Most disturbing is that some are refusing to prosecute cases of resisting police. Some are refusing to prosecute various theft cases or drug cases, even where the suspect is involved in distribution,” Barr noted.

“And when they do deign to charge a criminal suspect, they are frequently seeking sentences that are pathetically lenient. So these cities are headed back to the days of revolving door justice. The results will be predictable. More crime; more victims.”

The AG said that the Justice Department will be proposing new legislation after Labor Day mandating swift capital punishment for mass shooters and murderers of police officers.

The proposed legislation will contain language that establishes “a timetable for judicial proceedings that will allow imposition of any death sentence without undue delay. Punishment must be swift and certain,” Barr said.

He also said that as demoralization spreads and the economy reaches full employment, police ranks are getting thinner as officers leave the profession and others decide to take lucrative jobs that are much safer.

“Many cities are already unable to fill their ranks, and vacancy rates are mounting. The harder we make the police officer’s job – the less they are supported – the harder it will be to attract qualified candidates,” the AG said.

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[…] “That is the emergence in some of our large cities of District Attorneys that style themselves as ‘social justice’ reformers, who spend their time undercutting the police, letting criminals off the hook, and refusing to enforce the law,” he said. […]

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