Perjury? Schiff ‘star witness’ LTC Vindman claimed Obama shipped lethal aid to Ukraine but…it was Trump

(TNS) When President Donald Trump, at the urging of his national security team, agreed to provide “lethal” assistance to Ukraine in order to assist the country in its battle against Russian-backed separatists in the east, it was a significant development.

Trump made the decision in December 2017, which was a major policy shift from the Obama administration, which regularly threatened to send lethal aid but never did. Obama drew a couple of “red lines” that he never enforced though.

At the time of Trump’s decision, The Hill reported:

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the administration approved the sale of Model M107A1 sniper systems and associated equipment to the country at a value of $41.5 million. The administration has not yet moved to approve sales of heavier arms requested by Ukraine’s government, including Javelin anti-tank missiles.

The move from the White House is a departure from the Obama administration, which frequently condemned Russian aggression in the Ukraine but refused to approve the sale of arms to the country’s Western-aligned government.

So there’s that.

Why, then, would one of Adam Schiff’s star witnesses in his secret squirrel impeachment inquiry hearings testify to the opposite?

And lo and behold, that testimony was provided by the ‘unassailable’ ‘Ukraine expert’ at the National Security Council, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a decorated U.S. Army officer who nonetheless should have already been shown the door simply because he is trying to undermine the commander-in-chief.

Led on by Schiff, Vindman testified that Obama sent Javelins to Ukraine when, in fact, he did not.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York found it odd as he went through interview transcripts that Vindman said “a fairly significant number of Javelins” were sent to Ukraine.

Hmmm.. Now why would Vindman say something like this?

The “top guy at NSC for Ukraine” should know better, right? And yet, he was so “concerned” that his boss, President Trump, was doing something wrong?

Based on what? If you are the subject matter “expert” for a certain country and you don’t even know when a major policy shift (providing lethal aid) occurred, then a) you’re not the expert; or b) you’re lying to help the president’s political enemies.

And if you lied under oath, LTC Vindman, well, that’s perjury.

We said it before: Decorated or not, Vindman should have been fired already by the president who, as commander-in-chief, does not have to put up with men and women in uniform specifically undermining him or his foreign policy decisions.

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The buttclown is a prop. Probably been mkultra-hypno-zombied to lie under oath.

Expect a major false flag attack as news becomes more unsavory for the satanic pedocrat party.


Ciamarella helped move Ukrainian money for Biden, Pelosi and the gang:

Christian Gains

The MOMENT I laid eyes on Vidman I KNEW he was a DUD!! I didn’t see HOW he could have POSSIBLY been a Ukraine “EX-SPERT”….EXCEPT he worked for “Der Furer” of the 2008’s…WHO NEVER found a “RED LINE” he couldn’t move backwards!! AND!

Vidman is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of the DUDs that B.O.,[duh stink’a uh D.imwit C.ity” — aka: “Obamaville”}, would want on his team…


Schiff doesnt want the” wonderful” soldier who disliked Trump to testify. Schiff is worried about what might happen to the traitor, Lt. Col.Vindam. He looks like he is afraid of his own shadow. ANd if he didnt lie, then he has nothing to worry about. It’s when you have lied, you have a lot to worry about. I would beet it is because he lied to Schiff and anyone else who would listen.


Schiff needs to worry because we all know that this is another put up job by him. And he isn’t a good planner. Does he realize thatSchiff doing this is only going to bring out mega votes for Trump. We all know that Schiff is a born liar. He’d be a good match for KILLER HELLERY. The Republican Party needs to stand strong with the president. And Pierre Delecto needs to stand with our president. It would be the worst thing politically for Pierre Delecto to attempt. If he votes against Trump, I can almost guarantee that if he runs… Read more »


Well if you ever wanted to see what Treason looks like…. there it is…….soyboy vindmin has swallowed the deepstate koolaid and has no idea what charges he is going to end up facing……… dont they HANG TRAITORS………

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