By Duncan Smith

While Left-wing anarchists and Antifa doofuses call for dismantling society by defunding police, a 2015 documentary telling the truth about “Black Lives Matter,” police killings, and other issues is set for re-release by producer Kevin Jackson.

“As riots and demonstrations have continued across the country calling for police departments to be disbanded, defunded or overhauled, one filmmaker said the proposals have gone too far and is releasing a new documentary in support of police,” One American News noted ahead of an interview with Jackson.

The documentary, “Bleeding Blue,” was actually made in the wake of the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, MO., which was blown way out of proportion by the usual suspects in the garbage mainstream media and their Democrat benefactors.

But Jackson is re-releasing it now because things have obviously gotten worse with the Marxist BLM movement and the lies surrounding its political objectives.

OANN has the details, including where you can get Bleeding Blue:

What do you think about Jackson’s comments? Is he right or is he just winging it? Comment below!

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