RINO Alert: GOP Rep. Amash empowers Democrats by ‘concluding’ that POTUS Trump committed ‘impeachable offenses’

By Jon Dougherty

For a congressman who claims he’s ‘all about the Constitution’ and not about party, our first question for Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., is: “Where were you when Barack Obama was trampling on our founding document on a regular basis?”

It’s an appropriate question as we delve into the motivations behind Amash’s claim that POTUS Donald Trump has committed “impeachable offenses” — namely “obstruction of justice,” something Amash has been mulling over since the heady days of spring 2017, when the president fired the most corrupt FBI director in perhaps the bureau’s entire history (J. Edgar included).

The Washington press corps is all a-gaga over Amash, “the first Republican to call for the president’s impeachment.” Naturally, this is a big deal to a press corp populated by “news reporters” whose political leanings are to the Left of Karl Marx.

Amash, in a series of tweets, claimed to have read the entire unredacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller, whose appointment, we now know, was entire political because it was premised on a hoax — “Russian collusion,” which did happen, but not with 2016 Team Trump (see the Clinton campaign for more details).

He began:

He goes onto list several points related to his “analysis” of the report, the input of a servile staff who aren’t going to refute their boss, and the talking points of other #NeverTrumps, both Left and Right, who still can’t get over the fact that a New York billionaire with zero political experience is recreating the greatness of America’s historic promise despite them.

But as many have pointed out, there isn’t a scintilla of evidence that Amash provides to support his conclusion: That the president not only has committed impeachable offenses but that he now should be impeached, despite that fact that:

— Trump never impeded anything; Mueller and his handpicked Democrat-donating-and-supporting sycophant lawyers were allowed to complete their ‘investigation’ without interference;

— The White House provided something like a million documents to the special counsel’s office;

— The White House never declared “executive privilege” even one time during the obvious witch hunt;

— Trump’s firing of Comey, lest we forget, came at the recommendation of then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and regardless of what we think of him and what his role may have been in Spygate and the quest to oust Trump, this fact cannot be changed: He did make the recommendation.

Nothing the president did comes close to obstruction, and the fact that Mueller didn’t come to a “conclusion” on that finding is something that Mueller should have to explain, not the president. So Amash has that ass-backwards.

The GOP hierarchy and most of the rank-and-file aren’t letting Amash off the hook for his political treachery.

“This is exactly what he wants, he wants to have attention,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said on “Sunday Morning Futures,” going onto express doubt over Amash’s Republican leanings in general, Fox News reported.

“You’ve got to understand Justin Amash. He’s been in Congress quite some time. I think he’s asked one question in all the committees that he’s been in. He votes more with Nancy Pelosi than he ever votes with me. It’s a question whether he’s even in our Republican conference as a whole.

“You could have a bill with 400 votes all supporting it, there will always be one opposed and that is Justin Amash,” he added.

Interestingly, The Washington Post described Amash as a “tea party star” when reporting that his Trump impeachment schtick has earned him a well-deserved primary challenge next year:

His announcement on Saturday came after he had finished reading the report prepared by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, as the lawmaker explained in a lengthy Twitter thread.

And on Sunday, it prompted an intra-party rival, Michigan state Rep. Jim Lower, to declare that he would run in the Republican primary next year for Amash’s seat.

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If Justin Amash the “libertarian” is looking for a little attention, as McCarthy suggested, he found it — though it’s not likely of the sort he wants.

And the dishonest Washington press corps knows as well:

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Michigan - the geographical location of sharia on US soil


Follow the money. Somebody is paying him to spout these fantasies.


Like to see his bank accounts, and any offshore accounts as well. He’s probably taking big money from someone(s) to oppose Trump. And his fellow repubs.
Maybe the muzzies in his state are paying him off to flap his jaws with so much stupidity. Possibly clearing the way for a primary challenger who can be beaten by the dims in his district with muzzie votes.
Just sayin’.

robert weston

He is a half-owner in a Chinese business. Enough said.

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