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Bernie screwed again? Looks like GOOGLE is already all-in for Democrat ‘establishment pick’ Gropin’ Joe Biden

By Jon Dougherty

Has tech giant Google already made its presidential selection among the crowded field of Democrats? It would seem so, based on a report from a South American news site, of all places.

Telesur is reporting that supporters of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders are complaining on social media that Act Blue, the mega-Leftie fundraising organ, purchased the “Bernie 2020” search term for advertisements in a bid to snatch up donations aimed at Sanders’ campaign on Google.

According to a translation of the story:

The nasty campaign trick is aimed at Progressive supporters of Bernie Sanders who have googled the term “Bernie 2020,” but are instead led to a “Biden 2020” donation page appearing as the first search result.

“So apparently when you Google Bernie2020 it brings up Joe Biden’s donation page. Watch out peeps. Make sure when you donate through ActBlue you’re donating to Bernies camp and not Bidens. What incredibly low-blow fishy shit is that?! Biden pay Google off for this one?!” wrote one angry user on Facebook in the Bernie Sanders is going to Win, President 2020 group.

Biden is aiming for the support of the Democrat establishment, which isn’t likely to embrace one of the more radical Leftist-Marxists running in the 2020 Democratic clown show, so Biden is being seen as the ‘safer’ bet to beat POTUS Trump next year.

Something is already happening, though. Shortly after his announcement, Biden managed to rake in some $6.3 million in campaign donations within 24 hours.

It would seem that he’s getting some help from some high places — including Google.

If true, this is the second time the Democrat establishment banded together to prevent Bernie from getting the party’s presidential nomination.

Recall that the habitually investigated and notoriously corrupt Hillary Clinton and the DNC conspired in 2016 to deny “Crazy Bernie” the Crown Jewels.

The Daily Beast reported:

Former interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile claims Hillary Clinton secretly took over the DNC before she had won the Democratic primary. In an excerpt from her new book published by Politico, Brazile said she promised Clinton’s opponent, Bernie Sanders, that she would get to the bottom of whether Clinton had “rigged the nomination process.” She wrote, “By September 7, the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof and it broke my heart.”

Brazile describes a fundraising agreement between the Hillary Victory Fund, Hillary for America, and the DNC that stipulated that Hillary would control the “party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised” in exchange for Clinton raising money and investing in the DNC. It was signed long before Clinton became the nominee.

Sanders isn’t getting any younger; he knows this is it for him. It’s either win the nomination and the presidency now, or forget about it. So he’s not likely to take very kindly to being screwed over twice by the Democrats.

As for putting Biden in the White House, he’s a no-go because he will bring the Obama scandal stench with him, as we are documenting in a series of videos aimed at exposing the Obama-Biden scandal machine.

Check out our first episode here.

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5 Comments on Bernie screwed again? Looks like GOOGLE is already all-in for Democrat ‘establishment pick’ Gropin’ Joe Biden

  1. Trotsky's Icepick // April 29, 2021 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    Let’s just rename it the United States of Google and get it over with. Maybe the corporate pimps won’t be as bad as the slime in the swamp. Keep dreaming.
    BRB-I’m going to Starbucks to post up on my MacBook from my AT&T account while using the Google search engine to find out more about how I hate corporations.

  2. Bernie is not screwed. Bernie was/is never supposed to win. He is the foil in the election. His role is to be there and gin up interest in the socialist fringe. It is a job he does well and gets paid well to do.

  3. @ Trotsky’s Icepick, Don’t support them or use the products their knowledge, investment and hard work created.. Keep your string and empty cans handy. For long distance light up an oily rag and send smoke signals.

    Or use their products wisely and understand they get paid by you.

  4. Well, Bernie is not a demoncrat. He is and independent, but then wants the demoncrats to back him when he wants on his terms.

  5. snailmailtrucker // April 30, 2021 at 11:51 pm // Reply

    Bernie’s good with that….He already has the Color of his New Vacation Home the DNC will be Buying him picked out !

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