UN’s refusal to back U.S. condemnation of Hamas terrorism is another reason why we should get out

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Pointless: U.S. taxpayers pick up nearly a quarter of the United Nations budget each year but the world body is so anti-American despite our global leadership role critics have long wondered why we remain a member.

Case in point: On Thursday UN members rejected a U.S. proposal to condemn Iran proxy Hamas for its serial acts of terrorism, mostly against Israel. If a majority of the UN’s members hate anyone more than the U.S., it’s Israel.

The resolution was about as straightforward as it gets. It would have condemned Hamas for “repeatedly firing rockets into Israel and for inciting violence, thereby putting civilians at risk.” It would also have demanded that Hamas “and other militant actors, including Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” stop all provocative and violent actions while additionally condemning Hamas efforts to build tunnels to infiltrate Israel and launch rockets into civilian areas.

You would think that most countries would agree that targeting civilians with acts of terrorism is a violation of international law and norms. But apparently, you’d be wrong.

Fox News reported:

…[A]fter a procedural move by Kuwait and Bolivia, the body adopted a rule that meant the U.S. resolution needed a two-thirds majority to be adopted. The resolution picked up a plurality of 87 votes in support and 57 against — with 33 abstentions. But it was not enough to meet the two-thirds threshold.

Ahead of the vote, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley accused those who pushed for the two-thirds threshold of “double standards” and of trying to torpedo the resolution. In a speech to the chamber, she noted that, despite the many resolutions condemning and criticizing Israel, the U.N. has never passed a resolution condemning Hamas.<center?</center?

During that time the UN has become a cesspool for tyrants, anti-Semitic bigots, and police state authoritarians who don't deserve to be legitimized by one red American cent.

It's time America withdrew from the most anti-U.S. globalist construct ever devised. How many more times will be humiliated and embarrassed by thugs and third-world dictators on our own soil, and at considerable expense, before we realize that some things never change?

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  1. Get rid of the UN. The USA is the host country and should not have to pay for anything. Plus they’re useless. Move them to France, no better not. Ok, move them to the UK, oops, better not. Brazil no. Mexico no, Honduras, no, Switzerland no, Helsinki Finland Africa. Yes Africa would be a good place.

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