Well, well: Nursing home patients with COVID-19 in Texas IMPROVE with hydroxychloroquine treatment

The drug continues to show promise despite media's opposition because 'Orange Man Bad'

Photo credit: Houston Chronicle

By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) To Democrats and those in the Leftist media who continually advance their agenda, ‘saving even one life’ matters when it comes to imposing new gun control measures. And smoking.

But not when it comes to coronavirus, apparently.

Increasingly, doctors around the country are using an old antimalarial medication, hydroxychloroquine, to successfully treat COVID-19 patients, yet Democrats and the establishment media continue to downplay and even ridicule its use simply because the ‘bad orange man’ has supported it.

We have another success story, this one from a physician in Texas City, Texas, who says it has helped patients in the one demographic — the elderly — in which the virus most adversely affects.

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Per the Houston Chronicle:

The medical director at a Texas City nursing home says some COVID-19 patients on an unproven drug are showing signs of improvement and that he’s prescribed it to another dozen patients.

Dr. Robin Armstrong said the first group of nine patients at The Resort at Texas City — where 56 residents and employees have tested positive for the disease — finished their five-day treatment with the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine on Wednesday and are stable.

“It seems like the patients are maintaining pretty steady and not having any difficulty, so that’s good,” Armstrong said, though he added that he can’t determine how much their improvement is attributable to the drug. “They seem to be getting better … We’re just continuing to monitor them.”

None of their respiratory problems have grown more severe, Armstrong said, addressing one of the most serious complications of the virus.

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Armstrong is now expanding the number of patients he will administer the drug to from 27 to 39. And he continues to prescribe it after having conversations with the patients themselves, but no the families because he says that is far too time-consuming.

“If I had to call all the families for every medicine that I started on a patient, I wouldn’t be treating any patients at all; I would just be talking to families all the time,” Armstrong said.

Meanwhile, the worthless American ‘mainstream’ media continues to pooh-pooh this drug and its potential as a means of bashing the president, regardless of the results.

CNN: “President Trump is wrong in so many ways about hydroxychloroquine studies. Here are the facts.” — Can anyone remember the last time CNN published ‘facts’ about anything subject having anything at all to do with Donald Trump? Neither can we.

The Washington Post: “For Fox News hosts, the hydroxychloroquine controversy is fuel for the culture war.” — The Post, which has been so wrong on practically everything having to do with the president and his administration, couldn’t resist taking a dig at the No. 1 cable news outlet while also bashing Trump and hydroxychloroquine. And by the way, hydroxychloroquine use is only “controversial” because these media sycophants have declared it so.

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The Verge: “Trump’s chloroquine hype is a misinformation problem bigger than social media.” We checked and there are no medical researchers or patients who have been given the drug and recovered involved in the writing of this story. We did find this line in the story, though: “There’s been a study with tentatively positive results (and some serious limitations), but also a few studies that show little to no therapeutic effect.”

Hey — ‘even if one life is saved’ … right?

The New Republic: “How Hydroxychloroquine Became Conservative Media’s Coronavirus Miracle Drug.” Right. It’s a “conservative media drug.” Can you say “lame?”

You get the drift. The Left-wing media is now working overtime, hand-in-hand with their Democrat masters, to kill more Americans by proclaiming that a drug which could help them survive is too ‘controversial’ to use despite the evidence to the contrary … because ‘Orange Man’ likes it.

These people really are enemies of the state.


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According to a very trustworthy professor the virus damages the red blood cells in your body. That means your blood cells cannot carry oxygen through your body . Due to this it dumps excess iron in your bloodstream that is highly toxic to your organs . Pre diabetics and diabetics also have damage to their red blood cells and puts them in the very high rusk category .That is why ventilators will not normally help . What doctors in other parts of the world discovered is that Malaria also cause damage to the red blood cells and thus the reason… Read more »

Just As MSM FakeNews Arent Really Journalists...
Just As MSM FakeNews Arent Really Journalists...

..neither are a lot of doctors you see are qualified as being ‘doctors’. Saying ” Well, I completed medical school, So there !” is hardly any qualification in these days of quotas for ‘gifted'(lmao) underachievers. These days…where Math is Racist ! History is Racist ! Being White is Racist ! Being Asian is Racist ! (sometimes, depending on the grand scheme of partisanship) And the TalkingSh*tHead experts on any issue from the news ? bwhahahaha get real. I’m not talking about the sheer idiocy of The View’s Whoppy Goldberg edumacatizing us on how Senile Biden’s wife is one of the… Read more »

BlahBlahBlah MATH Blah Blah Blah !!!
BlahBlahBlah MATH Blah Blah Blah !!!

says the token graduate giving you a dose of vaccine.

Ken Layton
Ken Layton

Dr Didier Raoult who became noted during this crisis by publishing the results of his first small test where he combined hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin as a new Covid-19 treatment has just released the results of his latest test where he has 1061 patients. The most basic result is he saw 5 deaths. Perhaps we should do some simple math since the “so called experts in the medical profession” still seem to me mathematically challenged. 5 deaths out of 1061 patients is 0.47% As of today France has recorded 129,654 confirmed cases and 13,832 deaths. This is a death rate of… Read more »

.50cal / Death to Tyrants
.50cal / Death to Tyrants

Armor of God works on kung-flu scamdemic clowns suspending our rights, and killing the economy.

Death to the tyrants!

Guy M Daley
Guy M Daley

It isn’t news that the hydroxy cocktail works. It’s news if reporters ask and find out WHY, it’s not being used. Reporters should be asking doctors that have patients on ventilators, “are you using the hydroxy cocktail?”. The answer is probably no, because the cocktail prevents people from getting to that stage. Fauci is NEGLIGENT in claiming that the evidence is only anecdotal. That’s meaningless by the way. He is essentially saying it doesn’t work and I’m sure the big pharma lobbyist is waiting for a very, VERY expensive drug to promote from some big pharma company before he promotes… Read more »

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