CNN hack is ticked off that RedState outed Katie Hill as a sexual predator because she’s not a Republican

(TNS) Nothing the losers in the mainstream media do anymore surprises us. We get that they’re not really reporters and editors, they’re Left-wing operatives and their ‘news’ organizations are really just public relations divisions on behalf of the Garbage Party.

Even with that in mind, however, it never ceases to amaze us how these douchebags can twist themselves into fuck nuts trying to protect even the most disgusting, untenable behavior when committed by a Democrat.

Enter ‘retiring‘ Rep. Katie Hill and “writer/lawyer” CNN hack Jill Filipovic. Seems the latter is pissed off that RedState found out about Hill’s sexual predation and reported it, complete with screen shots of incriminating text messages and photos of Hill sitting around naked while brushing a staffer’s hair.

Later, photos of her toking on a bong naked and sporting some Nazi-like tat leaked as well. Tut-tut, says Filipovic. Oh, and of course, lets bring on the conga line of Left-wing ass clowns to scream, “But Republicans do this too!!!”

Isn’t the Garbage Party the party of the #MeToo movement? Aren’t they all about protecting women from sexual predators? Wasn’t Hill the person with the power here? Did she or didn’t she use that power to sexually manipulate and use a staffer?

But beyond that, let’s examine Hill’s behavior and certainly her mental status; do Californians in her district want this depraved individual making decisions on their behalf and on behalf of our country?

Not that we’re prudes here — we don’t give a damn what anyone does on their off-time. But is her judgement sound? Or is she just a little bit fucked up?

And how about the lunacy behind allowing someone to take pictures of her doing what she was doing in the first place? RedState published the pics not as “revenge porn” but to show the depth of a relationship that Hill denied having.

Pretending like Hill wasn’t a liability in Congress and then trying to blame Republicans for ‘the same thing’ like children is first-rate fuckery.

Face it: If Hill was a Republican, these same CNN cock smokers would be outta their minds with outrage, not only calling for her to resign but to be prosecuted as well and hung off a bridge.

CNN is a piece of shit network that attracts similar people.

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Satanic abominations will burn in h3ll. It’s a lock.

Great to see our tax dollars supporting 3rd rate stripper dykes blowing dope smoke all over the place.

Trust me folks, shitbags like these Make America Suck!


Notice how she spins the deal. Now, it’s revenge porn, GOP, and Conservative’s fault she got caught beaving the world.

Ehhhh, we had a word way back for these types —Skank!


Most sexual deviants are from the left, so why the surprise that Katie is a democRAT.

Speaking of rats, she does have a rat-face if you look at it straight on. Big beak, beady eyes, small tight lips. Quite an ugly woman actually … inside and out.

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